My Workspace


Creating a workspace at home can be difficult. I spent so long working from my bedroom and being bogged down with work 24/7. Having a separate work space where you feel inspired and motivated I find is key if you work from home. I recently moved to my lounge and set up my own studio area. I thought as I'm passionate about interiors I'd show you some behind the scenes bits and bobs...

My lounge has really big windows and so makes the perfect natural lighting for photography, it's also really spacious so has room for things like my light boxes and other blogging/vlogging paraphernalia. I purchased my new desk from Ikea, it always has all sorts on it, I like how it has the mini shelf space; perfect for storing my diary and magazines. I try to keep it as oragainsed and clutter free as possible so it's easy to work around, if you're a blogger you'll know that a cluttered workspace is a nightmare as it becomes difficult to remember what you have and haven't photographed/reviewed which then makes the task of planning and prioritisng a very difficult one. I don't class organisers or note books as clutter though as they help me to stay organised; I write WAY too many lists.

I try to keep the area monochrome and sleek as if you know me well you'll know I'm not a fan of colour. I also have my chair and fur rug which I purchased online; it's so comfy to sit at and I feel like it makes me more productive. If I could offer any advice to anyone setting up their own work space at home I would stress the importance of finding a good chair, one that you feel comfortable in but still motivated and productive, I find if I sit on a bed or too much of a sofa-type chair I start to procrastinate (or more than usual). Flowers, faux or real, are also a must in my workspace! I like to inject a bit of life and personality, something pretty to look at. I also use old makeup pots and candles as storage to store my pens and stationary.

I'm thinking of maybe posting a more in depth workspace tour, an idea for a future post!

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  1. Where did you get that chair, its amaaaazing! Also writing lists keeps me slightly more sane, so i feel ya there.

  2. Wow, that's quite the set up you've got there! Your desk is gorgeous, I love the little shelf!

    Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

  3. This is such a stunning set up, and I love how sleek everything is.

  4. Lovely. I love your desk. Much more glamorous that my work space which is just my bed.

    Emma & The Beauty Blog

  5. It looks really sleek :) I've got a little office room at home, but I tend to work from there and blog from a different room on the laptop because I get lonely haha! I agree though, a good workspace is a must!

    Kay xx

  6. really lovely !!!

    you have a new follower ! :)