I bought rats from Ikea...


Every time I go to Ikea I always manage to come out with some really great bits and bobs for my room, this time I picked up some rather unusual things.. 


I'll start with my favourite out of the bunch being the stationary items I picked up. Who knew Ikea did stationary?! This is music to my ears, it must be relatively new as I visit fairly regularly and I haven't seen this before, it felt unusual to see a Paperchase-like section inside Ikea (I'm hoping it's not just for Christmas). If you know me well you'll know I own way too many note books and stationary in general for that matter, I'm list obsessed and love writing everything down so I don't forget it. So of course I piked up two note books one with a bat on the front and the other with a comb, at £3.00 each I couldn't leave one behind! I also picked up some wrapping paper, they had loads of choice but I opted for an origami theme; one featuring origami owls and another with origami soldiers, I also purchased some pretty geometrical patterned paper in silver, I'm going for a silver and gold theme with my wrapping this year. Lastly I picked up the largest batch of sticky notes ever, I love the speech bubbles on them and they were only £1.50.

Injecting some greenery

I'm a big fan of greenery indoors, I think especially as I work from home, it injects a bit of colour and life into a room (I seem to have a knack of keeping Ikea cacti alive, this is rare for me as I always forget to water my plants). I stumbled into the plants section were lots of items seemed to then coincidentally stumble into my trolley (how odd). I firstly came across this little Christmas tree, get ready for it... It's not real! I was so shocked when I picked this up, it looks so realistic! I also picked up a little metal pot for it to sit in, it looks really cute with my insy-winsy baubles on it, I feel like it makes my room look and feel really festive and complete, everyone that's seen it has commented on how real it looks. Adjacent to the Xmas trees was the cacti section; I love a good cactus, unfortunately my cactus love gets out of hand and my utility room window sill is slightly overcrowded with them. I wasn't intending on buying any until I seen they had miniature green houses beside them, damn you Ikea and your clever visual merchandising! I immediately fell in love with it and thought it would be the perfect new home for a few cacti I had my eye on.


Lastly after walking round the whole of Ikea we passed through the children's section (which is adorable, I totally wanted to buy a doll's house for myself but I resisted) and there was a large amount of very quite and very quirky stuffed toys, I fell in love with these little rats. The dogs love a teddy to destroy and pull stuffing out of so I thought why not get them one each for Christmas. I'm fully appreciating them before they are assassinated though! I just think they are so cute with their little tails *squeeee*.

That's all I bought from Ikea this time, what's your thoughts on Ikea? I always get mixed vibes from people, I think it's a marmite kinda place..


  1. Some great things you picked up here, I haven't visited ikea in a while but it's always a place I love going even if im not looking for furniture


    1. Thanks! Me too, its like a day out going there isn't it? ha! x

  2. Wow, I totally thought the Christmas tree was real! It looks great, you've picked up some excellent pieces!

    Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

  3. i have the greenhouse too and i love it such an original item t have in your bedroom i cant stop buying ikea plants either
    Fashion and Beauty Tribes

  4. I love ikea!! The plants set ion is my favourite, I need to take a trip down again just for some more greenery!

    xoxo / elzyella.blogspot.co.uk