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I know I said I wasn't going to post until the new year but I figured a few intermittent posts on my trip away was overdue, my trip was also Christmas themed so I still wanted them to be relevant (before we're all sick of the sight of Christmas trees and mince pies, if not already) I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! So... As you may already know earlier this month Luke and I went on a little European getaway, you may have already seen my previous post on our stay in Barcelona (if not click here). After Barcelona our next stop was Berlin. As always I have way too many photos and tips that I'm excited to share...

Berlin blog post

As always I commend anyone who makes it to the bottom of my travel posts so if you're one of them, hurrah! We made it through the gazillion photos! We visited Europe for 10 days, 3 of which we spent in Berlin. Berlin was the second stop on out trip (keep an eye out for my post on our last stop Brussels).

Berlin definitely impressed me! I had absolutely no idea what to expect as neither myself nor Luke have ever visited any part of Germany before. It was definitely like nothing else I've ever seen, when I go to a city I always find myself comparing it to other cities I've visited, which you probably shouldn't do but to me Berlin was like a combination of Newcastle, Paris and Camden, it was so different and unique yet had that real city feel. There was grafitti absoultely everywhere as you probably gathered from the photos, I really liked this, some of the art we seen was absolutely out f
of this world and definitely gives Berlin it's own identity. 

As we visited in early December there was lots of Xmas Markets in the city, these were absolutely insane! As previously mentioned we'd just came from Barcelona so we had already experienced a few European markets but Berlin's Markets were like no other, it was like Christmas on acid! From ferris wheels to ice rinks to roasted chestnuts to Santa's on zip wires; the markets definitely made the whole experience. Oh and the food, dear lord the food! I don't think Luke and I have ever consumed so much bratwurst and stollen in such a short period of time; so good though! 

As always I've compiled a short list of what I think are must do's and other interesting things to see in Berlin...

Must Do's
  • The Berlin Wall Memorial. This was really interesting to see and really moving, I'd recommend going to the visitor centre across the road before visiting the actual memorial as they play you a 15 minute documentary in English about the wall. 
  • The East Side Gallery. This is a gallery of graffiti on a 2 mile stretch of wall in Central Berlin. Some of the most amazing graffiti art I've seen.
  • Christmas Markets. Obviously this only applies if you visit the city between November & January. Our favourite was Alexanderplatz.

  • Check Point Charlie. Check Point Charlie is an area of Berlin that used to check citizens who were coming in and out of East Berlin, to this day they still have signs at the checkpoint telling you that you're entering or leaving the American Sector + a man dressed as a german guard; interesting to see.
  • Breakfast at Spreegold. This restaurant is located just down from Motel One near Alexanderplatz Station; hands down the best pancakes I've had *drools*

  • Stay in Alexanderplatz. In Berlin we stayed in an area called 'Alexanderplatz', whilst sight seeing across the city we definitely found Alexanderplatz to be one of our favourite areas, it seems that some of the best restautrants and shops are in this area and the subway station in Alexanderplatz connects you to the majority of lines that travel through the city.
  • Wrap up! If you're planning a visit to the city in Winter I would definitely recommend that you take your warmest clothes, on some days in Berlin temperatures would plummet to -4! When you're on the go all the time trying to see as much as you can in a short period of time it's important that you're comfortable, so don't forget those hats and gloves...

I also vlogged our Europe trip, you can watch the video on my YouTube Channel by clicking here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and it was of some use if you're planning a trip to Berlin. Have you been to Berlin? If so are there any places that you'd recommend visiting that I missed?


  1. Amazing photos Emma! Berlin has been on my list for ages!!

    Lou ~ whiskyandpancakes.co.uk

  2. These photos are beyond stunning! It looks like you had an incredible time.


  3. Berlin is one of my favourite European cities, and what a wonderful time of year to visit! Hope you're having a lovely holiday :)

    Tessa / Bramble & Thorn