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Brussels blog post

Bonjour! Today marks the last post of the European trilogy; Brussels! Brussels was the last stop in our Mini-European adventure. Prepare yourself for medieval merry-go-rounds, Belgian chocolate and lots of Christmas trees...

Photo overload as per! Brussels was the last stop on our 10 day Europe trip and we visited the Belgian city for 3 days following our visits to Berlin and Barcelona.

As with all three destinations I really did not know what to expect from Brussels, I think more so than Barcelona and Berlin, I've visited different parts of Spain in the past and Luke's brother has visited Berlin on a few occasions so we were slightly prepared for what was in store when visiting those destinations but Brussels was completely new.

As this is the last post on our European trip it's probably a good idea to reflect on the holiday as a whole. I really enjoyed Brussels but in comparison to Barcelona and Berlin I didn't gel with the city as much as I thought I would, don't get me wrong I did love Brussels, the people were so friendly, the city is beautiful and it's great for shopping and dining so I am still really pleased we visited there but I personally didn't feel like there was as much as the other places to do or see. Once I'd seen the main shopping districts and Grande Place etc. (which would probably only take a few hours) I didn't feel like there was much left, to be honest we were so tired by the end of the holiday that it was quite nice to relax and just take some leisurely strolls round Brussels looking at the many chocolate shops and market stalls, I think it's a city for people who like a slow paced holiday to relax and do the odd shopping trip rather than our usual itinerary packed holiday.

As always however I do like to end on a good note... Two main things that I feel made our holiday was firstly the area we stayed in; just down from city hall, this was our favourite place in Brussels! Our hotel looked onto a bustling Belgian street with access to two balconies that we would stand on at night taking in the view, I would thoroughly recommend the Orts Hotel, this was probably the best hotel we stayed in throughout the trip, it has lots of amenities, the room decor was beautiful AND most importantly it was opposite a Brandy Melville! Secondly, the light shows! We accidentally stumbled across a light show in La Grande Place on our first night, throughout all of our research about the city we had heard nothing about these, that's why I feel it's important to note for anyone that may be visiting. On our first night in Brussels we discovered the huge projections onto buildings of all sorts of stories and light shows, it was honestly one of the most breath taking things I've ever seen, we later realised they were all over the city and on lots of buildings around Brussels, I've never seen anything like these before, such a different idea, you can see it properly in my vlog here.

As always I've compiled a short list of what I think are must do's and other interesting things to see in Brussels...

Must Do's
  • Grand Place. This is a square in the city filled with restaurants, cafes and amazing architecture. When we visited there was a light show every hour on the hour from dusk, I'm not sure if this is all year round however. 
  • Rue Neuve. One of the best shopping streets in the city.
  • Chocolatiers. Obviously one of the most famous aspects of Belgium is Belgian chocolate so a visit to Brussels wouldn't be complete without visiting one of the many chocolate shops.
  • Mini-Europe. This is a museum-type attraction, basically a model Europe, quite interesting to see.
  • Les Gallerie Royals Saint-Hubert. This is a kind of inside of shopping avenue, there's loads of amazing chocolate shops here, a lot of the general shopping stores selling clothes, cosmetics, souvenirs etc. are quite pricey however.
  • Avoid taxis like the plague. Brussels is quite an expensive city; food, drink, shopping etc. but I have never encountered anything so steep as their taxi fares, our journey from the airport to our hotel was probably no more than 20 mins and it cost us 65 euros! That's almost £2.00 a minute! The buses and subway system are much more inexpensive.
  • Belgian pharmacies are a beauty mecca! European pharmacies are renowned for being pretty amazing for beauty and I think I may have mentioned in my Barcelona blog post how pleased I was when I discovered the pharmacies in Barcelona, Brussels' pharmacies are even better! Definitely a must do for any beauty enthusiast.

I also vlogged our Europe trip, you can watch the video on my YouTube Channel by clicking here

Overall I had a fantastic trip in all three places we visited, if you haven't seen my post on Barcelona or Berlin you can read those here.I hope you've enjoyed! 


  1. Some lovely photographs here, looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx

  2. Looks so beautiful there, hope you had a great trip!

  3. So, so stunning! It's as if it's from a story book. x

  4. Beautiful pictures and the city looks so stunning! Hope you had a great time there! x

  5. Your pictures are always so amazing Emma, such fab shots.

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