Winter Saviours


I think this is probably the millionth time I've started a blog post with the sentence 'with the weather getting colder now and xmas nights creeping closer', yes it's time to talk yet more winter products...

If you're anything like me then you'll appreciate the benefits of a good defense in the winter months, my skin is very sensitive to weather changes, especially the cold. My lips and hands seem to be the main culprits for becoming sore and aggravated. These are two saviours that will be living in my handbag and help me see through winter...

I was recently introduced to the skin revelation that is Lanolips so you may have seen me waffling on about it on a recent favourites video. This comes everywhere with me at the moment, in fact so much so that I'm tempted to pick up another one exactly the same so I have one in both of my handbags, when I rarely forget this I'm kicking my self all day, it's that good! In the cold weather my lips get really dehydrated, chapped and sore and I'm quite fussy about the balms I use as things such as 'Burt's Bees', 'Vaseline' and 'Nivea' have completely broke my lips out in the past and made them even dryer than when I first applied them. This on the other hand is a miracle worker for my lips. I've found myself applying it more and more with the current cold weather. I like to use it in the mornings straight after my skincare and then throughout the day when I feel I need it. It's a thick balm derived from sheep's wool, a very strange ingredient but never the less it works! I have the 'Original Lanolips' with no scent or colour. My lips are now soft, hydrated and protected from the cold. I couldn't love this stuff more if I tried. 

In winter my hands also become extremely sensitive to the cold, I always forget gloves so my hands are often out in the cold. I usually use the 'Shea Butter Hand Cream' from L'occataine which I've recently ran out of. I was in Boots recently and decided to browse the hand creams to save me going to a different shop, I didn't realise Lanolips did any other products so when I seen they did a hand balm my eyeballs nearly popped out of my head! I quickly picked up the packet eager to read more about it. It claimed again to be '100% natural and made with the ingredients from sheep's wool'. After such a positive experience with Lanolips I headed to the till promptly. I was dying to get it out of the bag to try it. I didn't even wait till I was home and cracked it open in the car for a try. I firstly noticed the pleasant Rose smell, upon putting it on to my hands it felt really moisturising, I then began rubbing it round my hands, it then went a very strange, stiff, tacky texture which it has to be said I wasn't keen on at all, considering it was £9.50 I wasn't pleased at this point. After about a minute of coming to terms with the fact that I had encountered a product from the Lanolips range that I didn't like (devestating as you can imagine) it then started to sink into my skin leaving no tackiness, it was such a strange process which in the end actually left my hands feeling amazing. My opinion changed in a matter of minutes! I now use this everyday and my hands feel so soft, softer than any other hand balm/cream I've ever used. The stuff really locks into your skin as well and stays put all day; just what you need on those cold days where you can't bare to take your hands out of your pockets.

Overall two fantastic products that are already starting to become my most used winter handbag staples! I think I might do a skincare version of my winter saviours if you found this post helpful. What are your winter saviours? 

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