Weekly Features #2

My Week In Photos

Following on from weekly features part one (features will be posted every Monday) here is my second installment. Theres been a few highlights of the week, mainly random purchases, feeling festive and a smiling dog!...

My Week In Photos

Christmas socks

With the weather being colder my tootsies have been feeling it, I wear a lot of boots in winter and live to have a pair of jazzy Christmas socks underneath. How cute are these pudding socks?! I got them in a pack of five from Living North Xmas Fair. 

Laptop Skin 

I've been eyeing up a few laptop skins for a while now, my Mac gets more and more scratched by the day and I really should protect it more. I purchased this beautiful chic marble skin from Etsy; I love it! It makes my laptop look so pretty sitting on my desk.

Ikea Haul

Oh Ikea, I love Ikea. I could spend aaallllll day in there, in fact I pretty much did. I took a trip there last week on the hunt for a new bedside table and a few candles. I wanted something quite masculine and plain for the bedside. I came across this wire basket side table; it's perfect for keeping all my junk in as you can see. I have placed my books on the bottom and other random bits and bobs in there. It's great having drawers by my bed as I have the top drawer filled with everyday products at my reach. I love the fact I can see through the drawers; it makes it so much easier to find what I'm looking for. I think I'd like to get round to purchasing some acrylic storage to put in it too. I picked up some lanterns and a chocolate candle as well which are just gorgeous! 

The Liberty Advent Calendar

When this arrived in the post I almost kissed the postman. I have been dying for this to get here! I pre-ordered this through Liberty but I believe they are now available to buy on the website too. It's full of luxury goodies. I cant wait to open the first door, in fact it's killing me having to resist the urge to look in it. Something in there smells amazing!! I was thinking of doing a daily post on what's in each drawer, I'll see...

A smiling Dog

My camera roll is always full of pictures of dogs. We took Holly on a walk to Savannah Nature Reserve in Dinnington, she had a good old swim and chased ducks. She was clearly quite happy about it look at her smile! Every time I look at it I laugh.

Living North Christmas Fair 

Lastly something I attended on Saturday; the Living North Xmas Fair. I had heard about this online and wanted to see what it was all about. It was such a nice day out. I think I may even do a full blog post on it as I took lots of pictures. It was a market style event selling lots of Christmas food and gifts. There was so much choice! It was huge! One of the highlights for me was the massive tee pee there that was lit with fairy lights, we roasted marshmallows and drank mulled wine. It was a great day. 

I hope you enjoyed, what have you been up to? 


  1. Lovely photos! I love a good Christmas Fayre! I love the pic of Holly she looks like she's having a blast!!

    K x

  2. Gutted im not "north enough" to attend such a cute Christmas Fair! Hopefully theres some around here sometime soon, the festive feeling is hard to get away from since we had out decs up at work since October...


  3. Love these photos! Your dog is gorgeous, mine do the same thing whenever they see a pond nearby :)

    Tessa / Bramble & Thorn