Top 5 Zara Wishlist


It's rare I don't have something on my current 'wants list' from Zara, I online browse WAYY  too much; I like to keep a folder on my phone and laptop of screen shotted/saved items I've been loving throughout the month that i'll hopefully get round to purchasing...

I thought I'd take a few pictures from my Wish List folder and post them on here as I love to read these kind of posts for inspiration...

1.Chunky Knits 

Roll necks and ribbed jumpers are my everything at the moment; I'm living in them. I love this one (here) from Zara I think grey is such a versatile colour to mix with leather jackets and black jeans. H&M have had some great ones in at the moment too, I'm enjoying wearing them with plummy lips and minimal eye makeup. Need this!

2.White Slogan Tees 

White Tees are such a must in my wardrobe, I love layering in A/W so I'm always looking for basics to go underneath my coats and scarfs. I think this 'I'd rather be shopping' Zara printed top (here) was really cute and would look chic with some plain black trousers and chunky boots. I also really liked the print, very applicable to myself! 

3.Pointed Leather Boots

These are probably my biggest want at the moment (here), Ive been so into pointed boots at the moment! Once in a while I like to treat myself to a pair of Zara's boots or a handbag as they're such good quality and very structured. I think the pointed boots with the silver zip would go with so many outfits, I'm looking for a new winter boot that can be dressed up or dressed down and I think these are the answer!

4.Leather Clucth 

As i've mentioned i'm partial to treating myself to a good old Zara Handbag (here). I've used my City Shopper now for years and it's still going strong but I've wanted a medium size clutch for a while now, I tend to use the envelope style clutches when I go out and they NEVER fit all of my stuff in them, I thought this one was a little different having the hand strap on the front. Love love love! 

5.Loose Pyjama Style Trousers 

Lastly some fail-safe black trousers (here). After my recent purchase of some black loose fitting jogging pants from Monki I have been lusting over these in Zara, I wanted a more dressy style black pant that would look nice with heels and loose tees. I think these look so effortless.

I hope you enjoyed some of my wish list folder pics, what have you been loving at the mo? 


  1. I love the slogan tee!
    Alex //

  2. Loooove the trousers and boots! I definitely have way too much black in my closet, but I suppose a little more couldn't hurt :)

    Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

    1. I'm the same, a few treats wont hurt :) xx

  3. I'm the same way with Zara - I just love how they style everything, it makes me want stuff that much more. And ugh, those pointy toed boots are right up my alley, definitely keeping my eye on them!

    x beauty, style, life | bespectacled

    1. They are amazing, every time I go in there I find something without fail :) xx