Time for a challenge or five

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It's about time I challenged myself; when life gets busy I'm definitely guilty of not pushing myself. I eat junk food, sleep in and slob about in my pyjamas wayy more than I should (don't I sound delightful?!). I suppose if we're all honest with our selves I'm sure there are certain things we all do we aren't proud of or things we'd like to challenge ourselves to change. Bodyform have challenged me to challenge myself in conjunction with the launch of their new 'Roll.Press.Go Wrapper'; with half of us girls believing that accepting a new challenge makes us feel at our most ‘fearless'. I thought why not give it a go...

1. Get Active. I've been trying to go on a 30 min walk each day with the dogs or just on my own; pushing myself to get out doors and explore (no matter how cold it's getting). I've actually found that I'm really enjoying this and I love to take my camera out with me to take some snaps of my journey.

2. Wear More Colour. I feel I get more and more monochrome by the day, even my bedroom is monochrome! I see no harm in wearing an all black outfit and don't get me wrong although I love being monochrome and can't see me drastically changing my style anytime soon I would like to step out of my comfort zone and add elements of colour back into my wardrobe and makeup. I've decided to start wearing a new colourful royal blue scarf I bought recently, yes okay you've got me it's still paired with an all back outfit but it's a start and I feel like it jazzes up my outfits!

3. Hello Brunette. This is something I've been scared to do for a while. I've been gradually going darker since last year and now decided to take the plunge to an all over dark colour, I was so nervous upon applying the dye but I thought well! You only live once. A hair disaster or a hair delight? What do you think? see my profile picture to the right of my blog...

3. Eat Well. Luke and I tend to get into bad habits regularly, since my holiday in Vegas last year I've lost around 2 stone; it's been a very gradual process and my weight is something i've been unhappy with for a while. Although lately we've had quite a few birthdays and weekends away so we've well and truly slipped off the wagon. We're trying to get back into healthy eating by creating meal plans and wiser choices! Luke works unsociable hours and we live in between his house and mine so this is definitely one of the most difficult challenges but we're both motivated and we're quite enjoying the process.

4. Family. I would like to plan to see loved ones more often. I know this is a bit of a soppy one and is a challenge that a lot of people who work and have other commitments are faced with regularly but I think it's important to remember that although life gets busy family and friends are extremely important. I'm extremely guilty of being bogged down too much with day to day life that it ends up being far too long since the last time I've seen someone like my beautiful grandma.

5. You Are Important. Sometimes I find it really hard to switch off from work, when I'm not working I feel guilty and when I am working I'm stressing. I think it's important to find a balance. I rarely make time for myself, to maybe have a pamper or read my favourite books. I've recently been setting myself a challenge to come off my laptop by 10pm, just put it down and read my book. I also have trouble sleeping so I think this winding down process is helping.

These are just four small changes I've made to my life recently, although they are small they are realistic and personal things I've wanted to do for a while. After doing this I think I might set myself personal monthly challenges/goals, it's nice to have some time to reflect on yourself and challenge yourself to do something, even if it's as little as choosing something you wouldn't usually order from your favourite restaurant. What changes or challenges would you like to set yourself? Why don't you give it a go even if its slathering on bright lipstick or joining that oh-so-hard gym class?

One day I'd love to do my dream challenge of sky diving ( 'one' and 'day' being the operative words here) as I'm terrified of heights.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me known in the comments if you've decided to set yourself any challenges.


  1. Love the dark color of your hair and it totally suits you!

    Ana Leote

  2. A 30 minute walk each day is such a great way to stay active - I recently installed a pedometer app on my phone and it's really motivated me to get out walking more each day!

    Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

  3. I think the last point is so necessary. I always forget to 'switch off' and have some time to myself!

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

  4. I need to remember to make 'me' time too, I love burning the candle at both ends though, I can't help myself! I challenged myself to keep up my running in the winter and so far I'm doing okay. I should probably challenge myself to blog more too!!

    K xx