The Monthly Rescue


It's time to talk those time of the month products (you know what I'm saying ladies?). My skin always breaks out around that time, especially around my chin area. These two products from Eve Lom are my go-to products for breakouts...

Eve Lom Rescue Remedy Mask

I'm a confessed face mask whore. make that a high end face mask whore; not a good combination for my purse. I tried this Eve Lom mask in a sample from Space NK about a year back now, after just one use of the sample I knew immediately that I needed to purchase the full size. It's very rare with skincare products that I see an instant difference, most products, even if they are amazing, take time to show results; not this! My skin felt so soft I couldn't stop touching it. As someone with sensitive skin that gets easily irritated I always know straight away if my skin is going to react badly to a product. This cleaned my pores like no other mask I've tried whilst not being stripping or harsh to my skin. I like to use this when my skin is problematic with break outs and it always helps to clear them up and leaves my skin looking glowing! LOVE.

Eve Lom TLC Radiance Cream

Another product that I love from Eve Lom! I use this when my skin is feeling really down in the dumps. It's a light weight moisturiser that's perfect for when my skin needs a pick me up after a day of hard work or being congested in the city. I don't use this daily but just when I feel my skin needs it so it's always lurking around on my dresser. I have oily to combination skin which gets dryer in winter so I need a more heavy duty one for everyday. I also like to apply it directly after the face mask as I feel they are the perfect combo. I've seen a massive improvement in my skin since using these products. I trial a large number of skincare products but I think Eve Lom will always stick with me. 

What products do you use for bad skin days?

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  1. My skin ALWAYS looks rough around that time. I'd like to give the remedy mask a go! Doesn't sound harsh at all. I carry on using LUSH Ultrabland as it's simple and doesn't have any added fragrances or irritate my skin. I'd like to try a face mask though, I need pampering! x

    Hannah xo | hannatalks