The Bobble of all Bobbles


Yesterday I picked up a new hair accessory from Boots; I had heard good things about the 'Invisibobble' and had wanted to try it for a while. The Invisibobble claims to be ‘safe on the hair not causing split ends’, ‘comfortable’ and ‘doesn’t leave any traces/kinks in your hair’...

I'm always one to get annoyed by my hair half way through the day and want to shove it up in a bobble, the problem is when I take it down again I often look like I've been dragged through a bush or two backwards. I also find the usual style bobble I wear tends to not go round my hair enough; do you get ma drift ladies? If you tie twice it’s too loose but if you tie three times you’re almost de-scalped! 
 So due to my standard bobble hatred I gave this a ago. I have to say I was sceptical, looking at the band I thought with it being a rubbery texture it would tangle and pull my hair, but much to my surprise it doesn’t at all, it’s very soft yet secure. It’s a rather odd shape, being coil like it doesn’t allow any kink what so ever to be left in your hair upon taking the bobble out, I had my hair up in a messy bun all day which stayed in place with only one wrap round of the bobble. A rather odd little product but I really like it. Hopefully I won’t lose this one like many of my other bobbles (now in the bobble and hair clip black hole never to be seen again, where do they all go?!)


  1. Haha, I completely understand this - good bobbles are so hard to find! This looks amazing, I think I'll try my best to find it! xx
    Elise @ Elise Dopson

  2. I LOVE these bobbles as well! Every time I wear my hair up it hurts my head and then I take it out and half my hair is attached to the bobble! this doesn't do either, best little product I've bought in a while :) x

    Life As Lissy

  3. These look fantastic! My hair ties always stretch out and snap, so I'd like to give these a try!

    Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

  4. I literally laughed out loud at the word de-scalped haha, I spotted these in Topshop the other day and was so tempted but thought they were over priced as you only get one, are they worth it?

  5. I will never use another bobble again! I always tie my back halfway through the day too and always dreaded the awful kink. I got 3 in a pack at Boots for £3.75. Not bad I don't think. x x