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Blogger tips

After my previous post about my blogging journey which you can see here, I thought I would do more blog related blog posts. I thought I'd share a few of my own tips that I use to stay motivated and inspired with blogging. I love to read these blog posts so thought I would give it a go...

(Just a quick disclaimer: I'm not saying you must stick by these rules, these are just what I find personally help to keep me on track)

Note Pads Galore 

This is probably one of my most important tips. I like to carry notepads around everywhere and anywhere, there is most likely a note pad in every handbag I own (it doesn't help that I have a huge obsession with hoarding note books). I think it's so important to jot ideas down as they come in to your head, it gives you so much inspiration and allows ideas to flow, even if they come to nothing it's great just to jot down thoughts and feelings you had about a particular thing. I will even sometimes do a little sketch/doodle next to my note depending on how much time I have to remember exactly what I meant by my note. I think this really helps if you're feeling in a bit of a blogger slump you can look back and see what ideas you had written down.

In The Spot Light 

This is something I find really helpful for organisation and inspiration. I like to keep a 'blogger plate' like the one pictured above on my desk. I will fill this plate with things I need to photograph or write about. I'll even sometimes add little props to the plate e.g things I would like in a photo background or a picture *like the little flowers above*. I think having the plate on my desk helps keep me organised and lets me know what's new in, am I the only one that likes to marvel at my purchases? Sometimes I just like them sitting there for a while, ha! You can use anything it doesn't need to be a plate, it could be a basket or a drawer in your room, anything.


Everyday life gets busy and sometimes it's hard to be at your laptop or computer 24/7, that's why scheduled posts are life savers. I set my blog posts to go up usually every other day and then I don't have to worry about publishing them. You can also do this through Twitter and Facebook which is really handy.


This is similar to the notes section but a little more structured. My note pads contain all of my blog post ideas then the diary has when I aim to publish these posts. I like to stay up to date and plan my blog posts in advance. 

Staying Inspired

I think aside from what we've covered above I think keeping up with other blogs is essential. I love to look at other peoples creativity I really appreciate seeing people's photography, props, structure etc. I also like to keep notes of particularly good reads in my bookmark page on my browser. I check most of my favourite blogs daily for inspiration. Other sources of inspo can come from Tumblr and Pinterest, which is particularly good as you can create private boards.

I hope you enjoyed my tips and found some of them helpful, as I said previously I'm no expert this is just what I find helps me. I think it's important to get a balance between spontaneity and organisation within blogging, what do you think ?


  1. Loved the tips - so useful! I completely agree with scheduling being a lifesaver! X
    Elise @ Elise Dopson

  2. Fantastic tips, I'm totally with you on carrying notepads everywhere I go :)

    Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

  3. massive love for this post! the plate idea is so sweet <3

    katy |

  4. Great post Emma :) I have found scheduling to be a life saver altough the down side to that is I am not very active on social media because I feel like scheduling has taken care of that. I do need to try and put more time aside to be present on social media. I feel you on the notebooks - I have ideas scribbled in my paper notepad, on my ipad, on my phone - just whatever was closest to hand when insporation struck! :) x

    Brenda BusyBee | GIVEAWAY

  5. Great advice! I want to blog more but find i'm too busy. Also i like the diary idea and jotting down ideas. I tend to come up with them on the day so this would definitely help me to be more organised. thanks :D x