A Protective Perfume for your Hair

Sachajuan Hair Perfume

Well we all love to smell nice don't we? My collection of perfumes is overflowing, I always receive perfume on birthdays or at Christmas so I'm rarely short. However this is my first experience with a hair perfume..

Sachajuan is a sought after hair brand, I'm a big fan of their shampoos and conditioners so when I heard about there Sachajuan Hair Perfume* I was very intrigued. This is an odour minimising hair perfume which replaces unwanted odours with lychee and peach smelling fragrance. I love sweet smells so it's right up my street. I spray 3-4 spritzes around my hair. I've found that it's all I can smell throughout the day, much more than you would smell your usual perfume, it seems to cling to my hair and last all day long; such a fresh smell that makes my hair feel like that it's just ben washed. Something I really like this for is to take in my handbag, especially if you're going out for a meal, after leaving a restaurant or cooking you might notice certain smells cling to your hair, this is just great for a little refresh in order to get your hair smelling delicious again! It is also multi-beneficial for your hair; it contains keratin and silk oils which leave your hair feeling smooth and moisturised, it also claims to give 'anti static' to the hair, I don't tend to get static hair though so I cant say I've seen a change there. And lastly it provides UV protection which is a really important one. Overall I love this hair perfume, I think it's a really different & cool idea, I even enjoy mixing this with other scents I wear on my body throughout the day. 

Have you tried any hair perfumes? 


  1. This is such a cool idea for a product! Do you know how much it costs?

    Jill | alittlesoapbox.com

  2. I love this idea! Lychee and peach sounds like a gorgeous combination, I'd love to try it out!

    Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

  3. This sounds lush Emma, next time I see you please wear it so I can smell your hair! That's a weird thing to say, haha.

    Shivani x x