'You're a Wizard Harry'


After our trip to Dubai Luke and I spent a few days in the capital. Being crazy Haz Potts fans we couldn't resist a trip to Warner Bros Studios for the Harry Potter Studio Tour...

As always I congratulate anyone who makes it to the bottom of my travel/lifestyle posts as I know they are always very photo heavy. Luke and I grew up in the 'Harry Potter generation' & have always been massive fans of the books and films so going to Warner Bros Studios was a total dream come true! It was so surreal to be in amongst the sets that the actors would have been on and also see the iconic props that were featured in the films.

The studio tour is in Leavesden; a short train and bus journey from Central London. I think on average the tour takes around 3-4 hours, which I can definitely vouch for, there is so much to see! Particular highlights for me was seeing the hair and makeup; seeing all the different wigs and the effort the crews on these films went to to transform the actors to their characters was crazy, also the set design; being in the Ministry of Magic was so cool and the detail that went into sets like Hagrid's Hut and Umbridge's Office was insane (so many cats).

As always we vlogged our visit to the studio tour, you can watch it by clicking here.


  1. I visited a few weeks ago, it really takes your breath away doesn't it. I got quite choked up going around, HP holds so many memories from my childhood :)
    xxx Claire

  2. Absolutely loving your photos! I hope to go here one day.. it looks absolutely incredible :') unfortunately I live in Ireland so it's not that easy for me to go but I will eventually.

    - xoxo

  3. Oh my gosh! I want to visit these studios so much, I wish they'd bring another exhibition to Australia already! Heading over to watch your vlog right now :)


  4. Such great pics! I went there a few weeks ago and fell in love!! I can't wait to go back!! Glad you had a great time!

  5. I went just after it opened (little over enthusiastic!) and loved it so much. Not being able to read any reviews before we went we had no idea if we were going to be wasting our money or not but OMG I loved it, worth every penny. I'd really love to go again now!

    Chloe x