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Ok.. so I know another lip product post (I hold my hands up I buy WAY to many lip products, but how much is to much?). Today I'm talking long lasting colour, if you've watched my Dubai & LDN Haul you'll know I picked up three of my now favourite lipsticks/stains...

I've dabbled in the past with long lasting lipsticks and stains always seemed to make my lips feel dry and cracked. The colour would stay for a long time, would usually be really difficult to get off my lips and would end up patchy; which was annoying. I gave up on them thinking they weren't for me. Until discovering these!

I was in Topshop when the lady serving me had the most beautiful lip colour on, like the red I've always been searching for; I asked her what she had on her lips and she told me about the 'Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks'. I had heard lots of other bloggers raving about them, I was kind of disappointed that it wasn't just a normal lipstick and was more of a 24hr lipstick as my previous experience with other long lasting products hadn't been positive. I was in Boots and tried it on my hand, the texture is so different to what I expected, it's soft and creamy which I personally thought was unusual for a long lasting lipstick, I wasn't sure how something so smooth and velvety would last on the lips. I tested all the colour choices and loved them so much I picked up two; I picked up a red in 'Grand Cru' which is a beautiful deep red and a pink toned nude colour in 'Nude-ist!'. I still wasn't out of the woods yet however as I still wondered if they would crack on my lips or dry out. I wore the red that night. Oh wow they didn't disappoint! Exactly as they were when tested on my hand, creamy not drying and the colour pay off was amazing! I drank and ate with it on and it stayed ALL night.

After my pleasant experience with the Rouge Editions I felt I had entered a whole new world of long lasting lipsticks and stains! Ha, I can't believe I let one stain put me off. My next purchased stain was in Sephora (aka The Mother Ship) I again had heard lots about the 'Sephora Creamy Stains' and was hoping they would be similar to the Rouge Editions. Again this product didn't disappoint, I chose the colour 'Strawberry Red', similar to Bourjois the texture is creamy and gorgeous on the lips.

I love these three colours for autumn/winter. I feel like I say that wayyyyyy too much lately, everything I talk about is autumnal or wintery! But I do think they are colours I will regularly throughout these seasons.

What do you think of lip stains? are there any you would recommend?

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  1. I love all three of these colors!

  2. I have tried lipstains in the past and have been really disappointed with how they feel on the lip. Half the time I couldn't even rub my lips together as they did not feel smooth enough to. Everyone else seemed to rave about them so I thought that there was something wrong with me for not liking them. After reading your review I am really tempted to invest in the Bourjois nudist lipstais as it looks a lovely colour. Thanks for your recommendation xx

    1. No problem :) Honestly give them a go, I was the same until discovering these x

  3. As long lasting at the Bourjois lip products are, I have such a love/hate relationship with them. I found them so hard to apply evenly because they dry so quick! I'm desperate to get my hands on some of the Sephora Creamy Stains however!

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

  4. Yeah you do have to work quickly with them.. thats the only thing. Sometimes I find if you have a bit of lip balm underneath them they dont set as quickly, the Sephora ones are similar too; still so worth it though there all gorgeous colours xx