I love Halloween

Topshop Lipstick

As it's Halloween tonight I thought I'd post a Halloween related post. You might be thinking 'huh? What has a candle and a lipstick have to do with Halloween?', well although these aren't scary purchases as such they are items that I will be using on Halloween and throughout A/W. I love to make a big fuss at Halloween, getting dressed up and pumpkin carving is my favourite thing to do. Last year even Holl dog was involved with a really cute devil costume.. 

Topshop Lipstick

I like to light lots of smelly candles (good smelly) around the house to set the mood. I probably sound a bit weird but I really do love Halloween! Ha... I wish I lived in America on Halloween as it's usually a huge event over there. When I seen this Bath and Body Works Candle in the scent 'Caramel Pumpkin Swirl' I NEEDED it! You may have seen it in my October Faves video. As you know I live in the UK so we don't have a Bath and Body Works (which sucks majorly) so I had to look elsewhere; I found eBay sellers sold quite a lot of Bath and body works candles, a lot of the sellers were sold out of this particular scent but I managed to find one. When my parcel arrived I could smell it through the box! So I knew exactly what it was before I opened it. It's such a strong smell, it almost smells like the Salted Caramel Yankee Candle if you've ever had the pleasure of sniffing that but with a hint of a pumpkin undertone. The caramel is much stronger than the pumpkin smell but I didn't mind that at all. It's a three wick candle so it burns really evenly. It filled my room for hours and I have to say I'm in love! I cant wait to burn it from now on and also tonight!  

My next Halloween-themed purchase is a very dark vampy lipstick (which you can see on my lips in my October faves video) from Topshop in the colour 'Depth'. This lipstick is the dark purple I've always searched for. It's a very deep brown under-toned purple that almost looks black in the tube, quite scary looking at it but honestly it looks really nice on! I like to pat this onto my lips to achieve a subtle stain look rather than layering lots on, although that would look really good for a night out. I'm going to be using this for my Halloween costume so I'm very exited to wear it,  I'm also going to be wearing it more throughout winter with minimal eye makeup. 

Have you bought any Autumn purchases lately? I'm currently sitting watching scary movies with Luke & the dogs, what are you up to tonight? 

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  1. The scent of that candle sounds so lovely! I can almost smell it now :) I bought three new A/W candles recently which you can see over at my blog :) xx

    Brenda BusyBee