Dubai | Part Two


You may have seen Part One to this blog post earlier in the week, if not click here. This is a follow on from my previous post about my recent trip to Dubai, there was far too many pictures to include in one post so I've split them into two. As always prepare yourself for holiday photo overload...

I hope you enjoyed seeing my second batch of Dubai pictures. Luke & I had an amazing time and this blog post is kind of bitter sweet as now both posts are up I have to embrace the harsh reality that summer is officially over...

 I also vlogged our trip, the vlogs are also separated into two parts, if you haven't seen it already you can click here to see Part One or here to watch Part Two. Thanks for reading/watching!


  1. Wow, Dubai looks amazingly beautiful, and so are your pictures! xx

  2. Looks absolutely beautiful! This has made me so excited for my holiday - 6 weeks yay!
    Alex //

    1. So jell wish it was me again! not long, bet you cant wait Alex xx