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Okay, I hold my hands up, I'm a hoarder of makeup brushes ( I suppose that's expected as you are reading a beauty blog *cough* excuse)... But these Crown Makeup Brushes are far too good not to blog about...

I remember in my in-experienced makeup days when I would put my foundation on with my hands, don't get me wrong hands are still amazing tools in my opinion, but the flawless look you can create with brushes is amazing, especially if you don't have flawless skin to begin with. I find with my skin using brushes helps me achieve better coverage and a more even application and as for the eyes blending brushes are essential! Especially if you're partial to the old smokey eye look like myself. Crown Brushes offer amazing quality brushes for an affordable price...

Starting from left to right, (these brushes are not a set they are all sold separately but there are many sets available)

C433 Pro Blending Fluff £6.09*

I use this brush to blend and shade, I find this brush very similar to my MAC 217, it's really fluffy and soft and especially good for cream shadows. I like to blend my By Terry Eye Shadow Sticks with this brush. It's also a good one for applying concealer under the eyes for a really soft blended look. 

Blending brushes are a must have in my opinion, I like to use two blending brushes, one to firstly apply colour then another clean blending brush to blend more and more, I don't think you can ever blend to much. This brush is made from goat hair and is so soft! Great for a smokey eye.

I think this is one of the most versatile face brushes in the whole of Crown's range, I have used this for so many different things. My favourite thing to use this for is blush, especially cream blush, it gives such a subtle blended finish and having a small head means it's a very precise application. I've also used it for foundation, highlight and under eye concealer; it's just a good all rounder!

This brush has been perfect for contouring and blush application, the soft fibres in the brush give such a soft and blended application. I like to use this with my Benefit Hula Bronzer within the hollows of my cheek bones.

I Like to use this brush to apply foundation although it is listed as a bronzer brush, I have used it for blush and bronze also but I find the flat head not as easy to blend powder products, I prefer to use something with a rounded head for a lighter application (like the C405 Contour Brush) I do however LOVE this for applying my foundation. I just pump a few drops of my foundation directly onto the brush then onto my face. To say this brush is soft is an understatement, I could stroke my face with it all day. Every time I apply my foundation I enjoy using it, it leaves my foundation looking flawless and even. I think this is my favourite out of all of the brushes. 

Lastly the precision pencil brush, this brush is great for shading the crease of the eye, the lid or the area along the lash line. The shape of the brush, being tapered at the end almost like a bullet shape, is great for precision blending. I particularly like to use this brush for smudging out my eyeliner underneath my eyes, it does a great job of blending without dragging the product. 

I love Crown Brushes and would definitely say they are up there with the more high-end brushes. Have you heard of them? What are your thoughts?


  1. These brushes look amazing, ive been looking for some new ones for a while and I think ive found the answer!

    1. definitely give them a go charlotte! :) xx