Cosmopolitan Blog Awards


On Tuesday the 7th I attended the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards. If you follow my blog, Instagram or Twitter you may have seen me post about it a gazilion times as I was way too excited about it. My blog was up for nomination under the category 'Best New Beauty Blog'...

Myself and my boyfriend Luke took a flight down to LDN at 5am on Tuesday morning ready to attend the Cosmo Blog awards. I would love to say we took the flight down for glamorous reasons but unfortunately it was because the train prices were triple that of the airfare! We checked in at our hotel The H10 Waterloo. The hotel was beautifully designed and the staff so thoughtful, they even left me a little note in my bedroom wishing me luck!

After trotting around London then a lot of faffing and pampering I was ready. The awards started at 18:30 and were held at the OXO Tower in Central London. I firstly met two beautiful bloggers/vloggers Kassia and Gracie; I LOVE these girls, I've watched Grace's YouTube channel for as along as I can remember & Kassia is so on my level it's insane. I hadn't met either of them before that night so I was really excited! 

Upon arrival there was so many people there. I made my way around the room and talked to some really lovely bloggers ( I'm horrendous at remembering names!). I then met Maddie who was nominated in the same category as me, her blog is beautiful, quirky and well written, she was a delight to chat too. There was also people who I've watched for years on YouTube there, I was definitely a little start struck. Everyone was so nice and it's really good to talk to people with similar interests.

Once I'd finished milling about it was eventually time for the awards, Eeeeek! Unfortunately Emma Griffy didn't win. If I'm honest I really didn't expect to and i'm not just saying that, the amount of talent in the room was crazy! I was just honoured to be nominated. Most of the bloggers that won truly deserved to win with all their hard work! Congrats to everyone that won! I tried to get round as many people as possible to say congrats! You can see the full list of winners here.

There was lots of free champagne and pink cocktails in fitting with Cosmo's theme. I accidentally drank these way faster than intended and was so busy gassing I didn't take many photos or vlog! (Kassia and Grace both did though so watch out for their vlogs! Woops!) Hopefully the photos have given you a little insight into the night.

After the awards we collected our goodie bags and went for something to eat. Another blogger called Sarah also joined us, she was also soooo lovely. We all ordered burgers (which tasted amazing). All of a sudden that was the end of our night! It went so fast and I had such a nice time. 

Thanks again to anyone that voted for my blog; I am so grateful! And thank you to Cosmopolitan for hosting the awards and the goodie bag!


  1. Looks like you had such an amazing time lovely! Such an honour to even be nominated, you are one talented lady miss ;)

    Kay xx

  2. So glad you had an amazing time! Love your blog and that was a very deserved award :)


  3. Aw was so lovely to briefly meet you, we must meet up soon! Keep up the good work with your blog though misses, you'll go places <3

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

  4. Looks amazing! Love the letter you got from the hotel and congratulations on being nominated x

  5. ah this looks amazing!! Lovely pics too and I love your outfit. I see you managed to find a coin necklace! :D Well done again on your nomination, so proud of you :) xxx

  6. SO proud to know you! It's such a huge achievement to be shortlisted from all those thousands and thousands of blogs .. you are one talented lady and so bloody lovely too .. I'm sure next year you'll be winning one!


  7. Lush post Emma! You look beautiful, loving the subtle smoky eye and lipstick combo. Huge congratulations on being shortlisted, your blog is fab & love your vlogs too. x x x