Believe In Miracles?


After trialling all these beauties for a while now I'm all aboard Philosophy's motto 'Philosophy believe in miracles', I was delighted to give their skin care a go...

My skin Type: Sensitive Combination 

As you can see I tried a rather large amount from their skincare range. I've used 'Hope In a Jar' in the past but I'm veryyy fussy when It comes to skincare so I usually just stick to what I know and what I feel works best for me; hence why I rarely branch out to new products if I'm already satisfied with what I have. In other words I don't cheat on my skin care, until now that is (shhhh)...

Firstly starting with my favourite out of the bunch; the Purity Cleanser*. I've always wondered what this cleanser would be like. As I use a Micellar Water sometimes I skip the cleansing before hand (lazy and very bad I know) but at the moment I'm trying to cleanse as much as possible as I've really seen the benefits of doing so. I've been using this cleanser to take my makeup off after a long day and my skin has been feeling wonderful! Purity is a three in one cleanser which removes makeup, cleanses and tones. It can be used on your face and eyes. I just gently massage this into my face and remove with a damp muslin cloth. It's SO gentle on the eye area and a very gentle product in general on my sensitive skin. LOVE THIS! 

My Second favourite from Philosophy's skincare is their Microdelivery Triple-Acid Brightening Peel*. This is the product I was most excited about trying as I had heard this was a very gentle product; which I didn't expect as I think the name sounds like it would be quite harsh but it's great for my sensitive skin. I had visions of me turning into a red melted mess after using this however it left me with no redness at all! I did feel a little tingyly which I suppose at least means its working. You can choose to wash the product off after 5 minutes or leave it on over night. I've tried both methods; being a scaredy cat on the first time using this I washed it off after 5 minutes, I did however immediately see and feel a softening to my skin although not much else happened. The next week when I used it I was a little braver and decided to sleep with it on, I definitely saw more of a result on this occasion, I'm not sure if that was more down to the fact it was my second peel or the fact I left it on over night, either way, great results! My skin looked brighter and more clarified and my pores even looked smaller. This product is a bit of a splurge at 69.99 but I think it's worth it as I only use it weekly.

Time in a Bottle*. This is an eye serum; I am an eye serum virgin. If I'm honest I didn't really think there was a need for an eye serum as well as using eye cream but apparently so! This is formulated with non-irritating vitamin C and other repairing enzymes. It's a light non-greasy weightless texture which sits beautifully on top of my eye cream. I have been using this morning and night along with my cream. It does an amazing job of making my eyes look less puffy and tired, they look bright and smoothed upon waking up. I also really liked the packaging of this item, it had a real luxurious feel to it in a thick metal container. 

Great Mystery One Minute Facial*. I either use this or Purity to cleanse in the mornings now. I must say I do still prefer Purity but this product is equally as lovely. The only thing that I prefer with Purity is that it's more sensitive on the skin as this product contains sea salt for mild exfoliation, nothing like usual exfoliants though, still very sensitive to the skin. I will say the texture of the product is strange, its very 'gloopy' and more of a paste texture, I didn't necessarily find this bad though as I prefer to layer this on like a mask and let it set for a minute before I wash it off. It cleans skin very well and has a really nice smell. 

Miracle Worker Night cream*. This is an anti-wrinkle product, you can never start too early I suppose! I've been using this after cleansing on a night time and I really like it. It's a thick creamy moisturiser that leaves my skin feeling so hydrated. When I wake up in the morning my skin has been feeling so soft as if it's had a good drink (definitely not the alcohol kind). As for the anti-wrinkle properties I cant say I used it for that reason so haven't seen a change there but if it keeps them at bay I'm a happy lady! Great for a night time moisture boost.

When Hope Is Not Enough Oil*. In the colder months my skin changes a lot, it always needs that little extra TLC. As mentioned above I have combination ski; an oily t-zone and dry dehydrated patches on my cheeks and jaw. I'm also spot prone so I've always tended to veer away from oils until I discovered oils in the colder months are actually what my skin is craving. This works so well on the dryer areas of my skin, I tend to only use this on colder days or when my skin is particularly dry or when I'm suffering from dry patches.

Hope in a Jar*. I have to say this is my least favourite from the skincare range. I really can't get used to the smell of this product, I'm quite fussy with smells and find this to be slightly overpowering. I do however like its moisturising properties, I don't think I would change from my usual Eve Lom moisturiser but I did trial it for two weeks regardless of smell to see how it performed. It did do its job leaving me feeling ultra-moisturised and I do like the texture of the product (soft of like a whipped cream like texture), it did however leave my oily t-zone looking a little more oily than usual and I tended to break out after using it.

Overall I'm really happy with my introduction to Philosophy skincare and I've most definitely found some holy grail products. Do you use Philosophy? What's your HG skincare item? I'm DESPERATE for their Christmas bath products to be released as every year they're delicious enough to eat (although don't go eating them as they unfortunately aren't edible).

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