A Match made in heaven?


I did a spot of work with No. 7 last week, I was intrigued to how there new colour match system worked. A device that looks rather like a TV remote did all the work for me.. 

The No. 7 Match Made System allows you to see which shade of foundation appeals to your skin type and also a range of lip shades that would suit your skin tone. I think this is really helpful as I always tend to stay within my comfort zone with lipsticks and go for the same 'pinky' 'mauvey' colours for fear of me looking clownish. I also think its really handy for people that struggle to find the right foundation shade, this does all the work for you! 
I had my foundation matched first of all. The machine/gadget that looks rather like a TV remote shown in the picture above is held up to your jawline for roughly a few seconds then it detects your shade, I was matched to the shade 'Cool Ivory' and a range of lipsticks shown on my card. I really liked all the the shades on my card & nothing too scary in the lipstick department, I especially loved 'Logan Berry' for autumn/winter! The lipsticks are available in two formula's; No. 7 'Moisture Drench' and No. 7 'Stay Perfect', both fantastic formula's that aren't drying at all. I think it opened my eyes to shades I wouldn't usually wear and upon trying I found them really flattering on me, they seemed to brighten up my face and the darker shades look great with minimal eyes.
After completing our consultation (which is completely free with no obligation to buy) we then had a makeover whilst chatting to the lovely girls at No.7 Jennifer and Lauren, this gave me a chance to try lots of No. 7 products too. I particularly liked the No. 7 Perfect and Protect Serum that she used on my skin; it made it feel like silk! After chatting for ages about everything under the sun our makeups were finished. Jennifer did a lovely job keeping it really natural and used some fantastic products on us! 
Thank you so much to the lovely girls at No. 7 for the makeover and the goodie bag (I'm loving using the Perfect and Protect Serum), we had a lovely day and the customer service was outstanding!
Have you checked out the Made To Match service yet? What are your thoughts? 


  1. I've been intrigued by the colour matching so long now!! Do they offer any other finishes on the lipsticks?


    1. They do I think, Im sure they have a few matt ones in the colour match range xx

  2. This is such a good idea as I never have a clue with foundations! So cool!

    K xx

    1. Its really good if you struggle, the matches are great Kay! :) xx

  3. I finally gave in to my curiosity to this and popped into my Boots this week to give it a whirl..
    Happily, the TV remote told me I was the shade I had been looking at anyways, so I believe it, as was a bit sceptical.
    I wasn't sure on the choices of lipsticks, however, I should really just go with it, as some shades were nice, it was probably more that they're not shades I'd normally go for.


    1. glad you liked it Caroline! it did take me out of my comfort zone with the lipsticks but I was pleased upon trying them on :) xx

  4. Looks great!