Mini Muji Homeware Haul


Ah Muji, Muji, Muji; every time I'm in LDN I can't help myself but go there, being an Interior Design Graduate I find myself saying that sentence about a lot of homeware shops but jeez Louise people they had a log fire candle...

I always find so much in Muji, I could stay in there alllllll day, they sell simplistic & beautiful Japanese homeware, anything from storage to stationary and clothing to furniture. When I get my own house I want to furnish my house with the entire contents of this shop (this would possibly be quite expensive & time consuming but a girl can dream), in the mean time I will continue to hoard my purchases from Muji in my bedroom. Moving on to what I purchased...

Firstly the candle; OMG have you ever seen/heard of a 'Log Fire Candle'?! I certainly haven't! All the candle brands I've tried I have never came across a 'Log Fire' scent. I've had candles in the past that are meant to smell 'out-doorsy' like 'leaves' and 'roasted marshmallows' but none of them lived up to my expectations. I think this one really struck a chord with me. The scent's really nostalgic and reminds me of camping and going to Centre Parcs in the winter when I was younger. It smells like the perfect log fire, all cosy and autumnal, I also really like the packaging - again as always with Muji so clean and simplistic and it was only £3.99! The scent isn't too over powering and has just the right amount of 'throw' to fill the room! 

I also picked up a three way mirror, I have wanted one of these for ages! I used to own one and it smashed so i've been making to make a re-purchase for a while now. This mirror is perfect for doing your makeup in especially winged liner as you can see from all angles. It folds into a perfect compact size to fit in my makeup bag so I can always take it on the go. This was £10.00.

Lastly I picked up a perspex box. Muji have a huge storage selection and I love perspex storage for storing makeup, skincare and jewelery; it's a good way of organising your items as well as being able to see what's where and also easy to maintain. I bought this to put my main skincare staples in that I put at the side of my bed. I've been using this quite a lot already and has already made the many trips of to and from Luke's house. I think this was around £5.99.

I think I did quite well to not buy more than I did, I am however going back to London in a weeks time, so I can't guarantee that I won't do any further damage in there...

I hope you enjoyed this little Muji home ware haul, have you been to Muji before?


  1. I love that little mirror! Might have to pick one up as, although I have the No7 light up mirror, it's nice to have one that's travel friend. I adore muji storage! I have the blogger loved drawers for my makeup collection and they're so pretty but simplistic!

    Kelsey xx

  2. just came across your blog, your photography is amazingg! love muji so much, have so many of their candles!

    Rose and Weston x

  3. I've been to Muji before :) it's lush! I bought my Mam a candle from there, I think it was tangerine scented, gorgeous! I could do with some storage for my lipsticks from there, maybe the next time I visit I'll have a browse...and probably spend a fortune!!

    K xx