Hello Again | GHD Lagoon Styler

GHD Lagoon Styler Review

Well I'm back! After a ten day break away I've missed my blogging time! I'm ready to be full swing again and have lots of upcoming posts lined up (especially travel vlogs/hauls etc). I feel like when I was away I've gained lots of inspiration, insight and drive and can't wait to incorporate these into future posts and photography...exciting times! 

So anyway into today's post. Can we just take a moment please; how beautiful?! I am in LOVE with my new GHD Lagoon Styler... 

GHD Lagoon Styler Review

GHD Lagoon Styler Review

I own the thick styler from GHD but have wanted the thinner ones to style my hair for a while now, I usually wear waves in my hair & this is perfect for creating that kind of look. I love to create a messy wavy look by loosely curling the ends of my hair quickly with the GHD's. It’s such a quick and easy look for every day. These were from ASOS for £109.00. I love how ‘shnazzy’ they are; the beautiful two-tone colour completely sucked me in! I love how much the GHD's have improved since buying my first pair; they’re so smooth, don’t pull on my hair, heat up in seconds and even beep to tell you that they’re heated. I also love that the little GHD logo lights up on the side of the styler. In my opinion no other straighteners compare. 

Here’s to great hair!
I've heard GHD have a new Curve Styler out too, have you heard of it or tried it?


  1. It looks so nice! I've been meaning to buy a new straightner for a while now, and I think this might be the one I'll go for.

    Sandra - The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  2. I think if I were a straightener this is what I would look like, such gorgeous colours ;)
    xxx Claire

  3. These look gorgeous!! I've been loyal to an old pair of Remmingtons but they recently broke so I may be converted...

    Charlotte x

  4. These were very popular this year. As were the Pink Coral, which were from the same collection. You need to checkout the new Rose Gold gift sets. They're beautiful.