Dubai | Part One


After finally sorting through millions of Dubai footage and pictures, I've eventually got them all organised. I love to have travel vlogs and pictures as I think they are lovely memories. Be warned upon clicking read more you will feel as if you've dived into an aquarium (there are lots of fish pics ha) ...

Part two to follow..

Hopefully you made it to the end of the post as it was rather photo heavy! Would you believe this is the condensed version and there was quite a few pictures I didn't include! Hence why I had to split it into two posts; the next one should be up later in the week/next week with part two of the vlog also! I really enjoyed taking my SLR on this trip, I feel like I really know the ins and outs to my camera now and could really explore with it.  If you have read my blog before you may know I have a travel section on our other trips HERE.

Anyway a little bit of info on our Dubai trip... We arrived in Dubai on 02.09.14 staying at the Atlantis The Palm. After exiting the plane I felt the 39 degree heat hit me! This was at 5AM! Absolutely crazy hot! Upon check in we were amazed by the hotel and SUPER friendly staff, they almost made you feel like royalty even offering chocolates upon arrival. Everything about the hotel made our trip; it felt more like a little Atlantis world than anything else, it had so many shops, bars and restaurants in it that we didn't even get to see all of it when we were there. The aquarium near the lobby is huge and mesmerizing to watch, they also have a separate Lost Chambers Aquarium which has even more species of water wildlife in it (all free to Atlantis guests). If you would like to see a room tour that is also in part one of our vlogs. We arrived late so went to bed straight away. We were so excited to get up the next day and explore Dubai!

 Dubai was very different to what I expected - in a good way, a very good way in fact! It reminded us very much of Amercia, which you may have noticed from previous posts/vlogs we LOVE America. It's full of huge malls with loads of shops and restaurants. They even have an indoor ski centre in the Dubai Mall. But if shopping isn't your thing Dubai also has beautiful beaches and skyscrapers. It has the best of both worlds to offer, you could go for a complete relaxation holiday or be busy with activities every single minute of the day, A perfect balance of sight seeing through the day and chilling round the pool or beach till 10pm at night. It was an amazing holiday and I think you could go back time and time again and have a different experience each time. We're definitely sad to be home :(

I hope you enjoyed reading about our trip, rather than listing recommended activities/things to do our travel vlogs will show you a more in depth look into our trip.. 

Thanks for reading/watching!


  1. I loved looking at pics, you've had such a great time!

    My BBlog

  2. My little sister lived out in Abu Dhabi for a few years teaching, I always meant to go and visit her and see Dubai but never got round to it ... now she lives in London! Doh!

    Loved the vlog, was almost like being on hols with you guys :D Can't believe how many US shops there are in Dubai, it looks amazing!


    1. I've heard Abu Dhabi is lovely too! .. LDN is the next best in my eyes though, your lucky to have family there :) glad you enjoyed the vlog! xx

  3. These are some of the most wonderful pictures I've see In a long time! What do you use to edit them?

    Charlotte x

  4. Your photos are beautiful Emma! Looked like you both had a great time, I've never wanted to go to Dubai but I really do after watching your vlog... BATH & BODY WORKS! Are you going to tell us what you purchased?! Shivani x x x

  5. Beautiful video and photos as always! Can't wait to watch part 2 and I loved the smiling stingray haha :) xxx