Top 10 From my Travel Toiletry Bag


I go away on my hollies in less than a week now & I can barely contain myself. I've waited aaaaaalllll year so at the moment anything holiday related & I’m all over it! One of my favourite things to do is toiletry shop as I LOVE travel minis...

There's something about mini products I love. I have travelled quite a lot over the last three years 'click to see travel posts' and I always take away the same toiletries with me. I thought it might be nice to do a post on my top ten faves that always come along with me…
Firstly my most important toiletry, sun protection; I'm fussy when it comes to suntan creams as I've had creams in the past that are greasy and have stained my clothes. The Garnier Wet Skin Spray £7.14 is definitely my favourite. It's not greasy or sticky and blends really easy. The wet skin application is also very convenient as I'm always in and out of the sea or pool. I also take along a factor 50 for my face. 
For the Feet
Next, blister pads. Not a very glamorous toiletry item I have to say but I couldn't travel without these Compeed Blister Plasters £4.99. No matter what shoes I wear I always end up with blisters. Compeed are like a miracle in a box, plasters just don't do it for me. Compeed completely take away the pain and almost form a second skin over the blister. The pads tend to last around a week and should be left on till the blister is fully healed.  
Anti bacterial gel
I love to have anti-bac in my bag where ever I go, particularly in foreign countries as I always seem to catch a bug! This one is my favourite by Cuticura Hand Gel - Passionflower & Mango; it has the most amazing smell and keeps your hand squeaky clean!  
Tooth Paste 
We all know toothpaste is of course a holiday toiletry essential but this is a brand that comes with me everywhere. The Arm and Hammer Advanced Tooth Paste is my everyday tooth paste and I love to pick up the mini when I go away. It keeps my teeth looking really white and fresh, some people aren't keen on the salty taste due to the baking soda in it but I don't mind it at all.
Thermal Water Spray
Every year I take a water spray away with me. You may have seen my post on the La Roche Posay Spray. I decided this year to try the Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray £10.00. I really like it, the spritz lid releases much more product than the LRP spray but apart from that they pretty much do the same thing. I love to cool myself down with this when I'm abroad. It also helps with redness and sensitivity. 
 Lip Balm
Again lip balms are a must have for me on holiday. I use the Baby Lips Lip Balm £2.99. I like to keep my lips protected as this contains SPF20 and add a little pop of colour throughout the day. This one has been a lip balm I've used since it was realised. I love the smell and the subtle look of colour on the lips. 
Another essential the Dove Travel Size Deodorant ; Rather like tooth paste you can't do without deodorant. This little mini was so cute and I love Dove deodorants. This is the scent ‘Go Fresh’, it smells amazing and does the job.
 Coconut Oil 
Next is something I love to take abroad with me; Boots Coconut Oil £2.54. I get sensitive & dry legs so I love to use this as a moisturiser. It smells amazing and makes your skin feel so soft. Just a little tip though… be wary that it melts to an oil in hot temperatures to I tend to keep mine in the fridge. 
Hand Wipes 
Lastly, a bit of a boring toiletry but it's a must for me Boots Aqua Handy Wipes £1.05. I like to have these to put in the bathroom of the hotel to use for hands or anything else you might need them for. In my case usually spilling something down myself before leaving the hotel room. They’re just handy to have, see what I did there? 
I hope you enjoyed my top ten travel toiletry picks. There is quite a lot more that I take with me but these are my top ten. I probably take way too much if the truth was known but I don't travel light! 
If you could only take away one toiletry what would you take?


  1. i love the baby lips in cherry me xx

  2. Coconut oil is such an amazing product since it is so multi-tasking! x

    1. I love it! Its great for so many things xx

  3. Great post! How cute are mini products, I just want to get them all! :D