Tint Release Moisturiser

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Today's item is something I raided from my mum's stash. I've just got round to purchasing one of these after pinching hers for so long. I rarely ever order from Avon, however this product is something I will be continue using throughout summer..

I personally think this is very simmilar to the Estée Lauder Day Wear Sheer Tint Release Moisturiser. After using that last summer I had never got round to purcasing another one. I then discovered that this practically does the same thing! I was just in the house this particular day and my mum had left this on her dressing table; intrigued and not expecting much I thoought I'd give it a a go and applied it. As I said above I haven't used many of Avon's products before so I wasnt sure what to expect. I have an oily T-zone with dehydrated skin and I really liked this. It's a non-greasy moisturiser with a tint release. It states that it gives a 'louminous finish' however on my skin I would say it provided more of a subte glow without being heavy, The colouring was perfect for my skin tone. Upon application the moisturiser is white with tiny tinted beads that release once you rub the moisturiser into your skin.  I would definitely recommend this product if you're looking for a lower budget tint realise moisturiser and something easy for every day wear if you don't want something with coverage. 

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