Video | Primark A/W '14 Haul

Primark Haul Autumn Winter 2014

Primark have been stocking their autumn/winter collection at the moment (eeeeeeeek). I went last week and bought lots of goodies! Their winter coats and scarves are beautiful! You can click to watch below if you would like to see what I bought. If you do enjoy the video don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe! Emma Griffy x


  1. I LOVE Piccadilly Circus, it's my favourite nail varnish and I get through so many bottles, it's such a beautiful colour and goes so well with so many outfits.

    I gasped when you said you had two bags of Primark goodies :D Simon actually did an eye roll :(

    The hat is gorgeous, really suits you! I bought a plum coloured hat from H&M last A/W and I love it but ended up barely wearing it cos it never seemed like the right time. Might make it my Autumn resolution to put it on more.

    The burger bag! HEEEEEEEEEEEE! They don't look like burgers at all :D

    I have tried that coat on so many times, usually in the blue and I LOVE it but I think if I came home with yet another coat Simon would go mad, our coat hooks are right by the front door and they are so full of my coats that we really struggle to shut the door without a ton of coats getting in the way :D I think I currently own 3 big winter coats!

    Chloe x

    1. haha Im glad you liked it!! I think Luke knows Simon's pain, every time he hears me watching primark hauls I get the same!! Glad you liked the hat too, I hope I get wear out of it.. You should defs wear yours you would suit it with your hair colour.. Im glad you didn't think they where burgers!! haha xxx

  2. Love the haul ! makes me want to go shopping !
    beverly x

  3. I'm totally tempted by the scarf and the macaroon bag (I think it's still a Paris thing!). Some really good pieces, and you really suit the hat! I love the coat too! Xx

  4. Brilliant!
    And how did I know Miss Chloe would be first to comment on this! :p
    Love every you've picked up and felt myself nodding and giggling along!
    So, I now need (when I next visit Leeds!) , the smokers coat, chunky scarf and to check out the fedoras.. :)