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Monthly boxes are totally up my street! I love that feeling when a little box full of goodies arrives on your door step; it’s like a mini Christmas! This is something a little different that I haven't seen before…

I usually get beauty boxes like Birchbox delivered each month but I hadn't heard of a monthly fragrance box! The Fragrance Shop now offer a box for £5.00 a month in which you receive 5 fragrances to sample each month (this month’s contained 7 samples). If you’re like me and tend to stick to the same fragrances this is a bit of a game changer, temping me to try lots of different perfumes. Already from this box I am desperate to buy Givenchy’s new fragrance and I really like that they combine female and male fragrances, a little something for him too! You technically get your money back that you payed for your box as if you end up buying any full-size fragrance you get £5.00 off. As with most monthly boxes there is no commitment and you can cancel any time. I think it’s a great idea! I’ve now got a little cake stand in my room full of samples that I can choose from each day. 

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  1. Oo very fun idea. I always take little mini perfumes in my handbag on nights out so its great to have a few lying around! I wish you got more than five though!


  2. Love the idea of this, especially as those little mini perfumes are so great for taking away with you. I gathered a few samples from Debenhams before my holiday last year and all of those ended up coming away with me in my suitcase .. might have a think about doing this, it's a bit of a bargain! x

    1. Yeah so good for traveling! I think I will be taking a few of them away in my makeup bag. Its a total bargain for £5.00 isn't it! xx

  3. I love beauty boxes too! I consciously have to make the effort each month not to buy every one I see! Love the sound of this though and being able to sample lots of different perfumes xx

    Brenda |