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Clairol Nice n Easy Light Ash Brown

Clairol Nice n Easy Light Ash Brown

Lately I've felt as if my hair has been looking too bright; the blonde was getting really light and with my holiday soon approaching I didn't want it to go even lighter. So on spur of the moment I decide to dye my hair myself... 
My hairdresser is amazing but I get these spontaneous outbursts where I feel like giving it a go.I wanted something that was temporary as I never trust myself to go permanent. I chose the colour 'Light Ash Brown' from Clairol. The image on the pack actually looks quite dark but I figured even if it went as dark as It looks it would likely wash up within a few weeks. I also thought that it might look quite nice when the dye fades and the blonde shows through again. I left my dye on for around 15 mins then took it off. I was really happy with the result! It isn't as dark as on the box which I was pleased about and it still allowed the 'dip dye effect' to show through that was previously in my hair. I'm so glad I did it, it feels like a much more subtle effect that I think will see me through the autumn/winter months too.
My hairdresser also did my cut a day later which I LOVE (thanks Kay!) She cut me a kind of three way fringe, so I can wear it full & whispy, as a side fringe or parted in the middle, I also had about an inch off the length just to keep it super healthy!
Very happy with ma new doo!
I hope you like it too, let me know what you think in the comments! :)