The Perfect Bronze

Body Shop Bronzer

I thought I'd review one of the products I used on my face this morning, kind of a more specific FOTD. I was getting ready at my dressing table with all of my products laid out & my pretty bronzer was screaming out 'reveiw meeee', after all it is rave worthy...

Body Shop Bronzer

Well you may notice after my last post in which I was raving about the Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Oil, it's quite evident I've had a bit of a thing for that place lately. I just can't get enough. With the weather being sunny or as good as it gets in England I've been wanting a bit more of a bronzed goddess look. This is called the Body Shop Baked to Last Bronzer - 01 Golden Bronze £16.00. The swirl of highlight gives a perfect glowy look along with a sun kissed bronze. I really like the colour it gives off, it's not too dark or muddy like other bronzers I've tried. It looks nice on cheekbones or even on the apples of the cheeks. If you're worried about the shimmer don't panic I was too! Upon seeing the tiny flecks of sparkle in this I was thinking hmmmm is this a product that's going to make my face look like I'm trying to be 15 again? But it totally isn't, you almost don't even notice it; just a perfect glow.

It's my go to bronzer at the mo. I did a summer makeup look on my YouTube channel and in the video you can see this product in action by clicking here

What are your favourite bronzers at the moment? I want to pick up the 'Honey Bronze' from the Body Shop too! Let me know your Body Shop favourites in the comments, I'm all ears!

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  1. I'm really loving the Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer at the moment I have a mini sample and it's lovely, I'm really pale so when I find a bronzer that doesn't make me look orange I'm happy :)
    xxx Claire