Thank you, yes you!


I hope the title of this post didn’t sound like that well known advert that played in my head as I typed it … Anyway… Today I wanted to do a post dedicated to my thanks to you! I was unbelievably shocked /excited /happy/’omg'ing’ when I found out the news - which you may have seen a snippet of underneath my profile picture ...
Before I get into the post sorry if you have already read this a million times on my Twitter or Facebook! I just thought it needed to be said on the blog too :)

drum roll. . . 

I was short listed for the Cosmopolitan Blog awards under the category Best New Beauty Blogger!!!! When I say I was shocked it’s an understatement,  I honestly didn't even rush to check the results, then I found out when a few people started tweeting to congratulate me. I couldn't believe it. I am honestly honoured to have been shortlisted; I really did not expect it at all. I don't think I stopped smiling after I heard the news. 
 I just wanted to dedicate a post to say thank you; anyone who reads my blog and that voted for me I can’t tell you how much it means to me. If you are first time reading, regular reading, family, friends or fellow bloggers or even a complete stranger thank you all! I wouldn’t be in this position without you! When I started this website I honestly just wrote it for myself, I didn’t ever think I would have readers that enjoy what I post or that an opportunity like this would have come from it. There are so many amazing bloggers nominated; we all find out who wins at the awards evening in London in October. I’m looking forward to meeting to new bloggers and I'm already on the hunt for a dress! Any suggestions in the comments would be fabulous!
You can still vote for me and all of the other bloggers to win HERE - I'm under the category Best New beauty Blogger and select 'Emma Griffy'

Thank you lots and lots!


  1. This is actually amazing!!! I'm so happy for you and incredibly proud! It couldn't happen to a nicer person!! So exciting! Fingers crossed for the win :) xxx

  2. Thanks SO much Kayleigh!! :D Having my fellow bloggers support means a lot xxx

  3. Emma well done!! I am so excited for you! You definitely have my vote :) xx

    1. Thanks Lisa!! I really appreciate it :D xxx