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Aloe there! < see what I did there? Today I'm talking Vaseline's Aloe Vera products. Products that contain aloe vera have SO many skin benefits and happen to be right up my street due to an unfortunate experience I had last July..

I'm all ears for any aloe products after losing my SPF for the day in Thailand last year and thinking I would be fine, then ending up with the worst sunburn I've ever had! 
 A lady walking along the beach with a bucket full of ice and green leaves intrigued me. She seen my sun burn and immediately said something in Thai followed by 'ouch ouch' whilst pointing at my sunburn. I was sceptical at first, but anything that was going to make my skin feel colder than the face of the sun was a must, so I said 'go ahead'. Whilst I lay on my sun lounger she cut open the aloe leaves and rubbed my legs and arms with the gel from inside. I can most definitely vouch for how good aloe really is. My skin felt immediately better, it contains natural anti-inflammatories that reduce swelling and help skin to heal. The gel its self also helped to cool that 'hot' feeling in my skin. I was so surprised that it actually worked. I certainly won't make the mistake of losing my SPF next time. 
 I thought taking the below products along in my holiday skincare bag instead of the Thai lady might be easier!
Firstly... The Vaseline Aloe Fresh Moisturiser - this is the perfect summer moisturiser, I've been applying this after my shower. It has a lovely non-greasy feel and isn't sticky or tacky. The smell is also fresh and summer like. The aloe and cucumber sooth and cool skin so it's a perfect summer moisturiser after you have had a day out in the sunshine.
Secondly... The Vaseline Aloe Lip Balm - balms with SPF are a must have for summer mainly due to their protection against sun rays. They will stop lips from becoming sore or blistered and provide protection. This also has great nourishing benefits. After applying it my lips felt so soft and hydrated! It has a slightly 'slippy' texture, not heavily balmy or thick, it's more of a light texture. A lovely smell as well and not too over powering. 
These are definitely summer skincare bargains! 

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