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Summer beauty products

Today I wanted to talk about 4 summery items I have been loving using recently; not the flowers unfortunately - but they are pretty aren’t they? ..
Firstly; A little exfoliation... I’ve been using St Ives Apricot Apricot Scrub £4.29. Even though this product is specifically for the face, I find that facial exfoliators are a little too harsh on my skin so I usually use the Clarins Gentle Liquid Exfoliator. Upon trying I unfortunately found this product was again too strong for my face, my skin is super fussy! However I have managed to find another use for it that I love; it works wonders on my legs! I’m generally very fussy when it comes to exfoliators, even with body exfoliators I’m never blown away as they tend to dry out my skin, this one doesn’t at all and it has lots of nourishing ingredients in it that make my legs feel really silky. It’s the perfect pre-tan exfoliator for my legs and body. 

Next; Rimmel Matte Instant Tan £6.99… We all need a little bit of colour in our lives in the summer months and this has been my go to tan at the moment. I like the Garnier Summer Glow for a gradual tan, but when I just want a quick instant application this is fantastic, I have it in Matte in the colour Medium. I just dot a small amount onto a mitt and apply to my legs and arms when I’m wearing summer clothes. 

Time to shave! Wilkinson Sword Sparkle Disposable Rasors £5.79 . If you know me you may know I have really sensitive legs, so shaving and waxing or any hair removal in general can be problematic. I haven’t been able to use wet razors for the last year or so as every shave has left me with cuts, scars and a horrendous shaving rash. No matter what shaving cream or razor I used my legs were just too sensitive. Don’t worry though in the time I didn’t use a razor I didn’t turn into a gorilla, I did use a dry electric shaver, this was annoying though as I never got that really smooth feel. Until now - I don’t know what it is with these razors, they don’t even say they are for sensitive skin but they really did the job perfectly without cutting my legs to bits. They feel so soft and glide over my legs. I really recommend these to anyone that has sensitive skin. With a Papaya & Pearl Complex lubricating strip and a sparkly handle, it’s a perfect addition to any girls bathroom.

Lastly a deodorant - Sure Women Linen Dry £1.59 Everyone needs to smell lovely in summer. This is my go to deodorant at the moment; it smells lovely and keeps you dry all day. The smell is really fresh and summery too.

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  1. The St Ives exfoliators are amazing for the price! Lovely summer picks :)
    Elise - www.elisedopson.com

  2. Love the sound of these razors! I also have a problem with sensitive legs and shaving rash - I never considered disposable razors as thought they would not be any good. This sounds like a winner though!! Xx

    Brenda | www.brendabusybee.blogspot.com

    1. Yeah you should definitely give them a go! :) xx