Travel Mondays | Thailand


(All of the above photos where taken on my old Nikon SLR, so apologies that the quality isn't as good as the camera I use now)

Today is 'Travel Monday' time again, this time taking a look back to when Luke and I travelled to Phuket in Thailand in April 2013. Thailand was a completely new experience, I'd visited Hong Kong previous to this trip so I already had a slight idea of what Asia was like however Thailand, in my opinion, was completely different to Hong Kong and not what I expected, not in a bad or good way just completely different. Thailand was a lot more stripped back and adventurous. There were endless amounts of streets and markets selling everything or anything you can imagine (including cockroaches for lunch, as pictured above) especially Bangla Road which was very party themed and definitely good for a wild night out. I didn't realise how big the night life was in Thailand. I pictured Idilic beaches with not many people; oh how wrong I was ha! Beach parties everywhere, buckets of alcohol, party buses, strip clubs and massage parlours (offering extremely cheap and painful massages, ouch!). We had loads of fun in the bars out there and seen some pretty strange and hilarious sights. It's not for the faint hearted! However in the day time you can experience the more picturesque side to Thailand, we did a lot of day trips and excursions. We visited some beautiful beaches and had some really beautiful experiences. One of my favourites was the day we went canoeing and snorkeling underneath caves at James Bond Island. You can experience two very different sides to Thailand - I think it's a great place for couples and big party groups because there is something for everyone. 

As always I've included some pictures taken of some of our favourite things we did whilst in Thailand.

Must do's
  • Phi Phi Lei & Phi Phi Don Island (shout out to our awesome lady boy tour guide Beyonce!)
  • Bangla Road 
  • Patong Beach
  • James Bond Island
  • Thai curry
  • Visit one of the many authentic Thai markets
  • Try coconut water on the beach
  • Try street food (with caution)

  • Try a water activity, we really enjoyed canoeing and snorkeiing
  • Go on a boat trip
  • Take a crazy Tuk Tuk ride (this is a small taxi with no doors and a lot of rave music and LED lights)

  • Beware of animal cruelty. This is probably one of my BIGGEST regrets from Thailand and something that I think about often. A word of warning before you continue this tip is quite upsetting. Before we went to Thailand we booked a lot of trips and excursions, one of which was an elephant trek, we were very drawn in by the description of this activity which stated that we were able to visit the elephants in their natural environment, feed and wash them and then take a short trek on one of them. However, upon arrival things were very different, we didn't get the opportunity to feed or bathe them and instead watched them perform tricks whilst shackled to concrete floors and being prodded with bull hooks, they were then instructed to walk round in a mile long circular loop carrying a new set of passengers each time. It was heart breaking. There was also monkeys at this place with chains around their neck and ropes around their wrists which were being pulled regularly in order to tell them to perform. My advice to you before booking any animal related activities before or when in Thailand is to DO YOUR RESEARCH. After coming back from Thailand we found that there are a number of reserves that work closely with animals on rehabilitation and not treating them as performers.
  • Be careful with street food. Thailand has some amazing street food vendors offering local delicacies and I imagine that the vast majority are pretty hygienic and safe, however myself and Luke had some dodgy chicken from one of the market stalls which didn't agree with us for a number of days after.
  • Don't be afraid to barter. There are sooo many markets in Thailand offering anything from handbags and perfume to local food and furniture. From what myself and Luke found market owners tend to set quite a high price when we first queried the price of their items however after negotiation this price tended go down dramatically so never stick with the first price offered as they're very much open to negotiation. 
I hope you enjoy this post and it's of some use if you're thinking about visiting Thailand. Thanks for reading! :)

(All of the pictures on this trip where taken by me, Please do not use without permission, You can read my full Disclaimer for more info)


  1. Beautiful photos. Thailand is on my Bucket List, hoping my boyfriend and I will get to go there one day... Even though he's already been!

  2. Gorgeous photos, I'm craving to visit Thailand and this only enhances it. Looks like you had an incredible time!

  3. Your photos are great it seems like such a gorgeous place, don't think I could cope with the animal cruelty though...its a good word to the wise, I'd have been heartbroken!! xx

    1. Thanks hun! .. Yeah It was awful, would defs change that aspect of it if I went next time :( xxx