Travel Journal


 Today a parcel arrived for me all the way from sunny Florida! Just a quick disclaimer; I only ever review items sent to me that I like and are my style (you can read my full disclaimer here). This journal is 100% me, if you know me you will know first of all I have an unhealthy obsession with stationary and journals in general. I love collecting memories in books and photo albums, journals come in really handy for organising on my travels as well. 
This beautiful handmade journal was even personalised and had my name on the front stating 'Tales of Travel by Emma Victoria Griffiths. I can't thank Eileen from Twine Binery enough. I absolutely LOVE it! I will most definitely be using it on my travels this year. The journal consists of a combination of lined and plain paper, I like this about it as it gives you space to stick things in or draw a few sketches. The quality of the whole journal is beautiful, the print on the front of the book is so crisp and perfect. I also loved the colour of the turquoise against the white. 
If you're a stationary junkie like me go and check her out. Eileen has a range of handmade journals on her ETSY which you can see by clicking HERE. She has everything from bucket list, expecting baby, and recipe journals - which can all be colour customised. I will most definitely be purchasing more of her journals in the future. 
Thanks again Eileen at Twine Bindery!


  1. Looks lovely! I love scrapbooking my travels as a souvenir of the holiday! I bet you'll have a lot of fun using it! <3 xx

  2. What a great idea! I love the style of it too. xx

  3. Thanks for your comments girls! :) xxx

  4. This is absolutely beautiful. I have scrapbooks of my travels but would love a beautiful journal like this. May have to add it to my birthday wishlist :)

  5. Wow that looks beautiful! I don't really journal but I would if I had something so beautiful to write in!
    Tash | Ballet, Dance & Fitness

  6. This is beautiful. I love travelling and always take a journal with me although since having my baby girl the holidays I am booking have become slightly less adventurous and I've had yo pack my backpack away for the time being. X