Seaside Day


After yesterday's Thailand post I feel like my blog's become a beach blog! Anyway, last Friday we had fantastic weather, so Luke and I thought we would make the most of it and take a trip down to Cullercoats beach in Tynemouth...

I love this area of the coast as there are really nice cafes and restaurants about. We decided to go for afternoon tea at Beaches and Cream. I Love this place! I was introduced to it by my friend Steph and I have been obsessed with it ever since she told me about it. They have an amazing breakfast menu too! We had seen other people get afternoon tea each time we had been in and we regretted not trying it. It was so tasty! It was only £9.50 and you get lots to share. It filled us up for the day and afterwards we attempted to burn it off a bit by having a long walk on the beach. There was so many people sun bathing and even swimming! It almost didn't feel like we were in England - made me all excited for my jollies! We walked right along the bay for almost an hour and a half, then stopped for some cheesy pictures on the sand with the wind in our hair ha - or in my case a huge gust in my face blowing my hair everywhere.

I love our coast line, hopefully more nice sunny weather is coming our way!


  1. Please excuse the enthusiasm but OMGGGGGGG I LOVE Beaches and Cream :D We discovered it the first Summer I visited the North East and now it's our favourite place at the coast to visit. We've done ice-cream sundaes and coffee and cake but not got round to doing the afternoon tea yet, you've beaten me to it :p

    Love the photo of you guys together, cute :)

    Chloe x

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  3. I'm so glad I found your blog, the photography is just gorgeous <33

  4. Lovely photography! What a gorgeous beach

    Zoe x
    Beauty Pie

  5. so wonderful! thanks for sharing.

  6. This is definitely on my to do list for a visit, it looks beautiful :) xx

  7. I LOVE beaches and cream. I've had ice cream and cake there but I've never had the afternoon tea there. I need to try it. I spotted mark tony ice cream in your photos, that brings back so many childhood memories. Xx