Body Reveal / Date Night


Yet another lifestyle post, not to worry though lots of beauty ones coming soon! On Sunday Luke and I had a little date day/night in town. Luke had been working a lot so it was nice to finally see him. We shopped in town through the day (were I picked up the most amazing Nutella bubble tea! It was my first time trying it and I'm hooked ), we then decided to go down to the Centre of Life to see the Bodies exhibition they have on at the moment. It was £12.00 each to get in and you got to see the whole museum. We had wanted to see the Bodies exhibition since we went to Vegas as there was one there so we were excited when we found out it was at the Centre of Life. You weren't allowed to take photographs inside the exhibition - and to be honest they would have been to graphic for a blog post anyway. Seeing a real life human body still with skin and exposed muscle was weird to say the least but very interesting. They even had an infant section with real babies ranging from 5 weeks to birth. That section was really sad. It was amazing to learn more about the body and how it works. After the exhibit we went on a 4D ride and also looked around the planetarium. 

After mooching round town all day we built up quite an appetite, we wanted to go somewhere nice that we hadn't been before for a little treat, we decided to go to Gusto's on the Quayside. It was a really warm night so we sat outside. We had the nicest pizza! I had hoi sin duck and Luke had a meat feast. After one too many cocktails we had a stroll along the quayside then went home. 

It was a lovely day! I hope you enjoy my occasional lifestyle posts.
Have you heard about the Bodies exhibition? 



  1. Yay ... more lifestyle posts :D I'm biased but I love them!

    Oooh that bubble tea looks great, I need to find it. Is it in China Town?

    I'm lucky and work near Gustos so I sometimes get to go at lunchtime, love it!

    Chloe x

  2. I've never tried Bubble Tea but everyone raves about it!! a Nutella one sounds amazing
    Bea x
    Bea's Beauty Blog

  3. That bubble tea looks so yummy....So does the pizza haha! I love it when the evenings get warmer and you can it dinner outside :)

  4. Love the lifestyle posts! Your pics are gorgeous :) xx

    Katy |

  5. Love reading lifestyle posts, purely for beautiful photos! Looks and sounds like you had a lovely day. Heard so many people rave about Bubble Tea, I want to try some asap! x

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  6. yay for lifestyle posts, they're my favourite type of post to read! looks like you had a fab day x