Nostalgic Walks | Pondlife


Today my boyfriend Luke and I took a trip to Havannah Nature Reserve in Dinnington, Newcastle. We had been previously on our own but decided it would be a nice day out for the dogs to come as well. It was an average British day for weather, quite warm but muddy so we got our wellies out and went on our way. We also took along a glass jar as we noticed last time that there were tad poles in a big pond. Holly had a good go at helping Luke catch them and we ended up catching quite a few (which we put back after looking at them), they were just developing their tiny legs on the sides of their bodies. I think we're going to check on them next time we go and see how much they've grown. It reminded me of being little when I used to go 'tadpoling' in the burn next to my house. It ended up being quite hilarious as I fell down and couldn't get back up for laughing and it turned into a competition as to who could catch the most. It was a really nostalgic fun day! Great walk if you have dogs, they had a really good run/swim around. We've just bathed them as they got filthy! 


  1. OMG I haven't seen tadpoles for years ... we always used to study them in school! Amazing!

    Chloe x

    1. I know I felt like a little kid ha! loved it xx