Manchester Road Trip


On Saturday the 3rd of May my boyfriend Luke and I took a trip to Manchester. We went down for an interview and also to do some shopping at the Trafford Centre. We had a lovely day, we had both never been to Manchester together so it was nice just having the weekend to our selves. The drive there and back was one of my favourite parts. I love having hours to chat and listen to loads of old albums (mainly blasting 90's albums with very bad singing on our part). 

After shopping and picking up some lovely pieces (which I am doing a Haul blog post on tomorrow) we went for tea at Five Guys. We nearly fainted when we seen that they had a Five Guys!! We have wanted to go to one for ages! I thought only London had one. It's safe to say it lived up to our expectations, It was one of the nicest burgers I've ever had, it was expensive costing £30 for two burgers, fries and a drink - but tooootaaalllyyy worth it. You can choose all different toppings and the fries still have the skins on. YUM

Overall we really enjoyed Manchester. We have decided to make it our mission to do more road trips this year! 

is there anywhere else you would recommend in the UK for shopping and good food (apart from LDN) ? :)


  1. I love the Trafford Centre, especially now they have a Victoria's Secret, cannot resist! Also Five Guys looks amazing! Liv x