Manchester Haul


Well as per I can't say I shopped lightly in Manchester.. You may have read on my previous blog post that my boyfriend Luke and I took a road trip to Manchester. I didn't intend on buying anything but found quite a few lovely bits and pieces. 


Starting with makeup... Well Trafford centre has a Selfridges This is music to my ears. I LOVE Selfridges, every time I see a Selfridges it's like a I'm a magnet and there is a giant magnetic field drawing me in to the shop.There is so many stands I just don't know where to look first, can you tell how over excited I get about this?  


Nars Compact eyeshadows in the colours 'Strada' (lilac) and 'Tropic' (turquoise), £18.00 Each.

 The first counter I was drawn to was NARS. NARS is one of my favourite brands. I am a huge fan of their brand and I can't say that any product I've purchased hasn't been amazing. I tried to limit myself and just pick up a few things, these being two eye shadows. I have wanted some more colourful eye shadows for summer. I'm so so fussy when it comes to colourful eye shadows, I don't like them to look childlike or make my eyes look sore (which I find many brands do) ... hence why I went for the above two colours. I decided to for a lilac & the deep turquoise. The turquoise has chunks of all different size glitter in it and the lilac has hints of gold. I thought they would suit brown eyes great & go with loads.  They could also be mixed with other colours to achieve a more wearable look (for instance I think the lilac will look nice in the crease of the eye with a gold colour all over the lid, especially for holidays when I have a tan and the turquoise mixed with greys to create a colourful smokey eye). They were expensive but worth every penny. So So pigmented and soft. Just amazing. 


The next 'makeupy' items I picked up were a little less expensive. I popped to super drug as I needed a new eyeliner and mascara as my others had ran out and I have no excuse for the blush!

Collection Liquid Eyeliner, £2.99.

I have had a bit of an issue with eyeliner for a while. I've tried most high end and drug store liners and as I have oily lids most of them transfer to the crease of my lid. Hence why I'm going back to an old favourite that doesn't do that. This liner does stay all day, I am however not that keen on the applicator but I just want something that stays on! If any one has any other suggestions on felt tip pen type applicators that stay on oily lids Please let me know in the comments!

Rimmel XL Volume Mascara, £5.99.

This is, again, something I have had in my makeup bag for years. I get really bored of mascaras and like to change them up. This is great for getting volume into my lashes and is super black! 

Sleek Blush by 3 'Pink Lemonade', £9.99.

I spotted the last one of these on the shelf, I think that made me want to buy it even more, also the name 'Pink Lemonade', how could I leave it behind? I already have one of these sets of the orange colour blushes and thought I could so with picking up a few pink ones. The more 'orangey' toned pink actually reminded me of NARS Orgasm which I love. The cream in the middle will be nice and dewy on the cheeks in summer too. I love this palette and I think I will get allot of wear out of it.

Body Shop

Skincare; Body shop Vitiman E face spray, £8.00.

I had heard people raving about this online and had wanted to see what the hype was about. I love face sprays! Anything that claims to spritz vitamins on to your face and I'm there! I have used it for the last two days now (probably more than recommend as I am obsessed with spraying it) and it is amazing! It does have rose water in it so if your not keen on a rose smell you may dislike it, but my skin feels so soft! You can spray it over makeup too to help keep makeup on. Love it! 

The lady was so nice, we got talking and she gave me a little sample of the raspberry body butter. It smells amazing! Almost edible! I tried it on my hands in the car on the way home and it seemed so soft. Cant wait to try it on my body.


Slider sandals, £26.00.

I have wanted some slider sandals for a while now for my holiday and also for when the weather gets better here in England! I liked the look of the chunky buckles and thought they where quite the bargain from Topshop.


I adore Waterstones. I feel like I could spend all day in there and not get sick. Every section has something exciting in it. This Waterstones had a little Paperchase section in it too; perfect combo! I picked up Three things... 

'Brilliant Self Confidence' by (Mike McClement), £10.99.

I have always wanted to read a self help book. I find the idea of being able to improve on yourself rather interesting. I have always been an anxious person so hopefully this will be of some help. This book claims to help you be able to have the confidence to be anything or anyone you want to be in life.. I'm on the first few pages and it seems good so far! I may do an update on it when I finish.

My 5 Year Memory Book, £10.99.

I am a HUGE sucker for anything memory related. I have an ever-growing memory box that has now had to be transferred to my garage as it's too big and clutters up my room. I thought putting my memories into a book may be a better way to go on, because if not I'm likely to appear on the next episode of 'The Hoarder Next Door'. It's such a cute little book, the pages are gold rimmed and have a 5 row column on each for you to write what happened in your day. 

Camera Lens mug, £12.99.

Lastly from Waterstones was a camera lens mug! I have wanted one of these for ages and never got round to buying one. I thought it would be a quirky little place to store makeup brushes in or to use for its intended purpose and have a hot beverage in! 

So yes that's it for my very long haul, sorry if it was a bit rambly! I hope you enjoyed it :) 

Also don't forget to let me know in the comments below if you know of any good eyeliners for oily eyes ? 


  1. That camera lens mug is fab!!! Big fan! The Sleek blushers look great as well xx

    Katy | Little Miss Katy

  2. Beautiful photographs, looks like THE perfect shopping trip! :) Those NARS eyeshadows are gorgeous

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

    1. Thanks you :) glad you liked them x

  3. The turqoise eyeshadow from NARS looks absolutely beautiful, I'd love to see it in a makeup look! Also love the look of the Sleek blushes, this post has definitely added a few items to my wishlist!

    Jen |

    1. I'm going to be doing a Haul youtube video soon and it will be in that, Ill show you what it looks like :) glad you liked them xx

  4. You got such cool things! Love the Nars eyeshadows!

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    Stay fancy!
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  6. Love the Nars Eyeshadows!

    x Laura x


  7. Great haul!