Travel Mondays | Hong Kong


Stop over in Paris Charles De Gaulle with macaroons!

Arriving at our hotel 'Cosmo'

View from our room

Looking around the shops

The beach

Victoria Peak

Flower Market 

Nan Lian Garden

Ocean Park

Lantau Island

Ladies Market

Lane Crawford Shopping Centre

HK Park

Home time

(All of the above photos where taken on my old Nikon SLR, so apologies that the quality isn't as good as the camera I use now)

Well it's Monday again and time for my next travel post. If you didn't read my previous blog post on  my New York trip, I stated that I wanted to start a travel category to my blog and that once a week every Monday I will be posting mine and my boyfriend Luke's travel photos. Over the last 4 years we've traveled lots and I wanted a place to keep these photos and also inspire people to travel.

So... We went to Hong Kong in July 2012. Asia was something we had always wanted to do. It was really interesting to go to somewhere so far away, we'd been to America before this trip which was very different but Asia was like stepping into a different world; from the food and the people to the shopping and the sights it wasn't like anything I'd experienced before. As always Luke and I stuck to a jam-packed itinerary trying to do something new each day, I always think it's important to make the most out of every trip especially if you travel a long distance. As always I've included photos of some of the more iconic places and sights in Hong Kong.

If you like the look of our pictures I made a list of things that we would class as must do's when in Hong Kong. Obviously they are just suggestions so may not be up everyone's street, but they are just things we enjoyed the most.

Must do's
  • Hong Kong Times Sq.
  • Victoria Peak & Victoria Peak Tram
  • Hong Kong Park
  • Lantau Island
  • Nan Lian Garden
  • Ladies Market
  • Jade Market
  • Flower Market
  • Bird Market
  • Stanley Market
  • Avenue of The Stars
  • Ocean Park 
  • Lane Crawford Mall
  • Pacific Place Mall
  • Repulse Bay Beach
  • Hong Kong Harbour
  • Use the subway. We travelled everywhere by MTR; Hong Kong's subway system purchasing daily passes for around 55HKD (around £4.20) - the subway system is in my opinion the best way to get around as there is a subway stop next to most sights.
  • Try not to eat out in the big shopping centres/malls. We found that restaurants in the large malls in Hong Kong tended to be really expensive and proved quite difficult to get a table, especially at peak times. Some of the better and more reasonable restaurants were near the markets and the streets surrounding Times Square.
  • DO NOT GO IN JULY. Luke and I made the mistake of visiting Hong Kong in July and I have never experienced humidity like I did in Hong Kong. Sometimes it got so unbearable we'd go into shops that we had no interest in just for the benefit of the air-con! Walking round the city from 9AM until sometimes 11PM in the thick humidity was also not a good look.
  • Spend a lot of time in Kowloon. In Hong Kong there are two sides to the island; Hong Kong and Kowloon. We stayed on the Hong Kong side which is typically more metropolitan and financial. Although it was good to see all the big buildings and malls Kowloon was definitely more of what you would expect from Hong Kong as it had lots of markets and typical Hong Kong eats.

Again I don't have a specific 'don'ts list', as not only was Hong Kong amazing but I think it's important to do what you think you'll enjoy. I really love Asia and can't wait to go back one day.

I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading! :)

(All of the pictures on this trip where taken by me, Please do not use without permission, You can read my full Disclaimer for more info)


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    1. Thanks Katy :) glad you liked them xx

  2. Ooooh fab photos Emma, Hong Kong is on my to-visit list since some students visited my uni from there on a trip and they were all so interesting and telling me about Hong Kong. I'll make a note to not visit in July though! Humidity and me don't mix too well!

    1. Thanks Tasha! definitely a place I would recommend :) xx

  3. I'd love to go to Hong Kong one day! I haven't got too far round the world yet .. I've been to Australia, Singapore and the US as well as the usual European countries but there's so much more exploring I need to do. Love that you're starting a Monday travel flashback .. hopefully it'll inspire me to pull my finger out and visit more places!

    Chloe x

    1. Thanks Chloe, I'm looking forward to posting each week, glad your enjoying them. I love traveling :) I'd love to see Singapore actually! .. The world is our oyster! xx