DYO Jewellery Pre Launch Party


Yesterday I attended DYO Fabulous Jewellery's Pre Lauch Party at Nancy's Bordello, Newcastle. DYO (Design Your Own Jewellery) are a company dedicated to creating individually designed pieces, which incorporate high fashion elements, striking semi-precious gemstones, natural and cultivated pearls and quality trimmings. I really like the concept of being able to design your own jewellery, especially for weddings or very special occasions. 

Upon arrival we were offered a glass of wine from the lovely Amy, she was so nice and made me feel really welcome, her blog is pretty too if you want to check it out (you can click here) . I love these kind of events because you get to chat to people who you would never usually get a chance to speak to. There was a 'selfie station' were we took a few pictures and there were cupcakes and sandwiches up for grabs. 

After about 30 mins of chatting we stood to watch Janet give a presentation on the jewellery, it was very informal and taught us all about where the jewellery is sourced and how it's made. It also informed us upon the importance of buying our jewellery ethically. The jewellery is stunning, there were some gorgeous pieces that we all got to try on. 

After the presentation we were entered into a lucky dip were we got the chance to dive our hands into a foam filled barrel and pull out a prize. I won a ring so I was over the moon!

Overall a great event! 



  1. Just slightly photobombing on the last one there...

    Lovely to meet you last night Emma! Hope to see you again soon :)



    1. Haha yeah I spotted you! Are you going to the French connection event on thirs? :) xx

  2. What?! I missed cupcakes too?! Man!!!!

    1. I can't even gloat Chloe, I was so busy photographing they where gone when I went to have one! Haha damn xxx

  3. It was a seriously good event, I managed to get a bracelet in the lucky dip!

    Roo xx