D.I.Y | Kylie Jenner Inspired Dark Roots


So, I decided to go for a change in hair colour; my hairdresser usually dyes my hair (sorry Kay if you read this or watch the video hehe), she knows what I'm like, she's a fantastic hair dresser but sometimes I have these spur of the moment moments where I just fancy giving it a go. Last time I was due to get my hair done I couldn't think what colour I wanted to go for, I told Kay just to leave it and I would contact her when I wanted it done - Then the next day when I was in Boots decided to take a trip down the hair dye isle. After I went down the isle there was no going back...
I didn't want anything disastrous so I decided to go for a temporary colour. I have always loved dark roots on blonde hair, I used to have dip dye hair in a dark brown and I've always wondered what it would be like to go dark again. I wanted to dye further up my hair than the usual dip dye/ombre look so it was more just about the roots... So I decided to do it! I bought Boots own make temporary 'Black Ebony' hair dye. I was particularly persuaded by seeing pictures on Kylie Jenner's Instagram of her hair. 
I had no technique really just to cover all roots and pull it down with my fingers to blend with my blonde hair & Luke was a huge help, I roped him in to do the back of my hair, he didn't really have a clue what he was meant to do but it's pretty easy so he just give it his best shot :)
Overall I'm really pleased with it, it's a big change but actually more subtle than I thought it would be :) I'm also enjoying pencilling in my eyebrows a little darker. I feel like it gives my eyes more definition!
I hope you enjoyed this video/post :) What do you think of the dark root trend?

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