DIY Cactus Garden


Throughout the last week my parents have been doing out the garden. It's coming along lovely (despite the awful weather we've been having). I ended up getting involved with it. I took a trip to B&Q and was inspired by their indoor plants. I'm far to incapable of keeping normal plants alive so I figured a low maintenance plant like a cactus would be best suited to me. I love cacti not just because they are low maintenance but I think they look lovely and I wanted to inject a little greenery into my room. 

 So I decided to make a cactus garden.. 

Things I used:

Cacti - Ikea £4.50 each 
A shallow round dish (or vase of your choice)  - Ikea £17.99
Compost - B&Q £2.50
Gravel - Pets At Home £2.50




Wear gardening gloves! The spikes from the cacti really stick into your hands! Especially the ones little hairs.. I learnt my lesson with this and I am now still pulling them out of my hands!


1. Firstly I added the aquatic gravel ( I bought this from pets at home. This was the best white gravel I could find. Most other shops I found the gravel came in huge bags which would have been more than I needed )

2. Secondly I added the compost, I left the compost quite loose rather than packing it in so that the cacti had room to expand their roots and make themselves at home.

3. After adding compost I placed the cacti where I liked them and then patted compost around them to make them secure.

4. The very last step was to add the gravel on top of the cactus garden... 

And voila you're done! 

It only took about 20 minutes and I really like the effect I got. There is a large selection of cacti colours to choose from so you could really make it your own design. I hope you enjoyed this post, It was rather different from my usual posts but I really enjoyed it. Making it my mission to do more DIY blog posts as of now! 

If there are any other DIY projects you would recommend 
let me know in the comments below :)



  1. The cactus on the left is beautiful looks just like a flower! I too can't keep plants alive for toffee, so this is a really cute idea :)


    1. I know I loved the yellow! thought it was nice and bright :) glad you like it xxx

  2. This is so cute! And such a great simple idea for decorating. Popping this on my list of DIYs to try. Thanks! :) xx

    Katy |

    1. no problem :) glad you liked it xxx

  3. Wow this is really lovely and ill make sure i try this
    Roze @