Easter Pamper


A few days ago on Easter Sunday I decided to use the last of my Lush bath bombs. I do prefer showers to baths but a Lush bath bomb always makes me feel lovely, I like to use them when I want to give myself a little pamper.

My friends got me hooked on this 'Fluffy Egg Bath Ballistic' after purchasing it for my birthday, so much so that when I had finished I went out and bought another two. I've now ran out and I'm not sure they will be getting any more in stock as I think it may have been an Easter special (if anyone knows let me know in the comments please). It's one of the nicest bath bombs I've used, made my skin feel so soft and turned my bath water a gorgeous shade of pastel pink. 

I love Lush products. If you're into bath bombs and Lush do still sell this it's definitely worth picking one up! 

Does anyone have any bath bomb recommendations to pick up when I'm next there? I would love to know your favourites :)

Thanks for reading. 

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  1. I love this Bath Bomb! It is only an Easter special however at Christmas they have a shower gel with the same scent called 'Snow Fairy'. It's my favourite! :)


    1. Ah thats a shame, never mind I will have to pick up the christmas shower gel :) thanks for letting me know :) xx