A Nice Day For a White Wedding


At the weekend my boyfriend's family and I attended his cousin's wedding. Jill and her now husband Andy were getting married at Newton Hall just passed Sea Houses in Northumberland. It was a beautiful wedding. One of the nicest venues I've ever seen. I thought I would upload a few pictures from the day. 

Newton Hall 

Luke & I

The hall had lots of lovely little quirky features like this deer draped in jewelry

Here comes the bride....

Jill and her Dad


Giving of the rings


Luke's Nan with a strong drink by the look on her face ha!

Jill's dress was gorgeous, designed by Ian Stewart.

 Nancy (Luke's nan) in the middle with all of her children & grandchildren, Luke's family is huge!

Later on in the day ..

After dinner Tea/Coffee

They had a caricature on the night of the wedding, it was great entertainment for guests and he was really good! I couldn't stop laughing at this of Luke and I.

After Dinner we took a look around the grounds 

A beautiful sun set to end a great day.

 I love weddings they always make me want to get married, if you're anything like me you probably love looking at wedding pictures. 
I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for reading.
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  2. Beautiful photos Emma