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* be prepared for soppiness * 

Today I woke up to a very special milestone for my blog, I reached 500 followers/readers! This is insane. I cant believe only in January of 2014 I started my blog, it's all happened so quick. It may not be a huge number to some people but it is to me. I love to blog and put so much time and effort into it that makes me feel so humble to know that people are reading my posts.

 I would love to thank everyone who follows my blog, has read a post or even taken the time to comment, it makes my day catching up with it all. I feel like I've become part of a community where everyone is so lovely and welcoming. I know numbers don't mean everything but it encourages me to keep doing what I love and work harder and better at my blog. 


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  1. That is seriously AMAZING! You go girl!! You inspire me to hopefully get there one day as well! :)