I received my first Graze box ever last week. I had seen their advert for a free box everywhere. I'd also seen a lot of other peoples pictures of them and they looked delicious. I decided to sign up and give it a go. 

It's basically a healthy snacking box. You can customise your box by selecting options from their website. You can select foods you like/dislike/love/never send and you can also tick the box 'send soon'. I went onto their website and chose my selections, after this I then ordered. They sent nearly all my 'Send Soon' preferences! 

The box was a lot smaller than I expected. From peoples pictures they looked huge! It wasn't an issue though as I still got a reasonable amount of snacks and the box is fully recyclable. I ate my Graze box (or what was left of it) for my lunch and it was really filling. 

These are the selections of snacks I had.. 
1.The Graze Brownie 
2.Cookies and Cream.
3.Jaffa Cake.
4. My Thai.

I shared my graze box with my boyfriend Luke and he had snaffled half the graze box as I was doing my post! haha!

I really enjoyed everything in the box. My favorite was really hard to choose as I was torn between 'Jaffa Cake' and 'Cookies and Cream'. However I think if I had to choose it would be Jaffa cake. It was a relay nice alternative twist on the original Jaffa. I loved that it had Hazel nuts in it too they are my favorite! 

Overall I was really happy with my Graze Box. I will continue to order them. I don't think I will stay signed up for weekly or monthly Graze boxes in the post, But I really like that you can have the option to just have one off boxes delivered - I will definitely be taking advantage of that . They would have been so handy for when I was at uni or if you work somewhere it's hard to prepare meals. 

Something I really liked about Graze box was that you can cancel your subscription anytime. There is no pressure, which is nice. Definitely worth trying your free Graze Box! Very yummy.

What did you think of Graze? Have you tried it yet?

Emma xx

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  1. My thai <3 You got a really good box! I managed to wangle it somehow that I got about 7 boxes not for the full price aha x

  2. Yeah my thai was lovely! thats so jammy! I wish they had made the same mistake with me haha x

  3. Hello Gorgeous,
    I've nominated you for a liebster award, go check out for more details...

    With love:Paola!!!

  4. I used to get graze all the time its so good! especially how you can choose your favourite things to get X

  5. Hi! I used to get the Graze box and it was so yummy! They also give you a chance to try new things that you wouldn't usually get to try :)
    I got a lemon poppy seed cake in my last one and it came with a tea bag! :) so cute xx

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