Fresh Faced Walks


With another day of lovely weather we've been making the most of it. We went on another walk today. The dogs love their walks so we thought we would take them to Jesmond Dene in Newcastle. 

I decided to just have a casual clothes un-styled hair and minimal makeup day. I just wore a BB cream to let the sun catch my face, some mascara and Velvet teddy lipstick by Mac. I love days like that. Just a chilled out relaxed day at one with nature ha!

I took my camera along .. 

There was loads of flowers a bloom! They looked so pretty. Lots of people were having picnics around the grassy areas. 

Holly loves a plodge, she was swimming in the river.

Overall a lovely day, I love exploring on walks. I've had quote a lot of natur'ey type posts lately, don't worry though got some good beauty ones coming soon too! Or if you want to see more beauty now you can click HERE

Emma xx

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  1. Your mascara looks amazing and wow wherever you went for your walk is stunning! I love going on walks with my dog to...I hope you continue to have such great weather. I would love to see more pics/posts like this :)