Camera Roll Snaps


This week I decided to put up some Camera Roll snaps that usually don't see the light of day. I'm always taking pictures on my phone, I was thinking it's a shame a lot of them just disappear. I decided to post some from over the past few weeks. 

1.Yum Lush 
The first image was a bag full of goodies from when my mam and I went shopping on Gosforth highstreet in Newcastle. It had so many quirky cool little things in and we bought a few things. 

This image was taken on my birthday when Luke and I were going out for a meal with my family. It was a lovely night. 

My handsome man Lukey. I snapped a picture of him in deep thought (or more like on twitter!) 

My makeup from my birthday night out. Went for a Red lip and winged liner look.

5. Walkies 
Hollie and Eddie pre walk with tilted heads. Did someone say 'Walkkkkiieeeessss?'

Me and my little baby Holls, she was so tired after a long walkies. We had lovely cuddles on the sofa. 

And that is it for my Camera Roll snaps, I'm going to make it a weekly thing to post 'Camera Roll Snaps' so I can look back on my photos, and it means I can have more memory on my phone as I can keep them on here instead. It's rather refreshing seeing some iPhone photos rather than always professional SLR photos.

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Thanks for reading. 

Emma xx

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