Sushi Date and Hancock Museum


Last Wednesday Luke and I decided to take a trip into Newcastle. We originally went in for a look around the shops and for some lunch. We had a look around then took a detour to M&S for some sushi. It was delicious! We got sushi, prawns and mango to share. After our shopping we were about to leave and realised we still had 1hr 30mins on our parking ticket, we were parked right next to the Hancock Museum so decided to pop in. Completely spontaneous so I didn't have my proper camera which was a shame, but I still took some photos on my phone *sorry if they're bad quality*. I hadn't been since I was little so it was really nice to visit - it was so much better than I thought! And free entry so if you're in Newcastle worth taking a look.   

Luke bought some new glasses that day - he looks all intellectual and handsome *twit twoo*

We then left to walk back to the car. I loved these houses/flats on the way back, I'd never spotted them before. They reminded me of houses in Central London - I would love to own a house in a city centre. I also picked up some goodies that day in town so I will be sure to do a blog post on those soon! I hope you enjoyed today's post. Thanks for reading :) 

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